Xiaomi blatantly ripped off Apple's Memoji and created 'Mimoji'

What you need to know

  • Xiaomi has blatantly ripped off Apple's Memoji and created "Mimoji."
  • They look just liked Apple's cutesy 3D avatars with big eyes and tiny mouths.
  • And to boot, they offer similar customization of hairstylings, glasses and more.

It's no secret that Xiaomi has taken some liberties with taking inspiration from Apple's ideas, but its latest inspiration seems more like highway robbery than anything else (via Engadget). Alongside its new CC9 phone series, Xiaomi is introducing new cutesy avatars called "Mimoji" that are a blatant rip-off of Apple's Memoji.

If the name isn't a dead giveaway, then the design of the Mimoji make it perfectly clear this Xiaomi basically copied and pasted Apple's avatars with only a few minor differences. The Mimoji avatars offer the same big-eyed and customizable avatars just like Apple's version down to the same hair stylings and facial structures. About the only difference is new customizable stylings such as hats and hair colors.

Apple first introduced Memoji with the iPhone X in 2017 that used the phone's True Depth camera to create these cutesy 3D avatars that truly resembled their owners. But starting with Samsung's AR Emoji, other companies were jumping on the bandwagon of borrowing the idea to create their own implementation.

Xiaomi is only the latest company to do so, though it is the most blatant rip-off yet.

There's not much Apple can do about it other than improve its own version, which is exactly what it is doing in iOS 13. The software update is adding more granular customization to Memoji that can even add AirPods to your avatar.

We won't be surprised if Xiaomi soon adds its AirPods rip-off AirDots to its Memoji rip-off as well. It's the nature of the beast.

Samsung's AR Emoji are better than Animoji in every way but the one that matters

Danny Zepeda
  • It's not like apple never ripped anyone off lol. They all do it. Not that it's right but they do
  • Right. It might be a blatant imitation, but I couldn't care less about companies doing this lol. It may sound weird, but these exact kind of imitations and innovations actually drive companies to be different and think out of the box when devices get too similar. Or, at least It should
  • Agreed, competition keeps companies moving on /innovating and not being complacent. But, it's whole another level when companies especially Chinese companies just copy another companies design /product almost to being identical to rip off that companies work efforts. Just like Huawei with it's blatant freebuds clone copy of AirPods among many other things that those BS Chinese companies do!
  • samsung ripped off apple. Apple ripped off MANY. it;s the name of the game. But when a chinese company does it, the pitchforks come out.
  • They look a whole lot like Miis.
  • Yeah really though..
  • It's China, what do you expect. You do the R&D and Chinese companies will just copy and steal it and make it theirs. And people whine when Trump is trying to stop what they have been doing for decades. But all I hear is, he can't do that, I won't be able to get my cheap stuff.
  • 100% so accurately true.
  • Nailed it. People will sell their souls for cheap anything.
  • like AmeriKKKa don't steal tech from other nations
  • Hey America is perfect... cough cough
  • Have a list?
  • Who cares? It's Apple = liars. Besides,they are a company that claimed ownership of rounded corners.
  • Salty writer meets salty commentators. Just your usual day and stuff, but some people wanted their shares of stimulus.