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Will you keep using WhatsApp after its big policy change?

WhatsApp home page
WhatsApp home page (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps on Android, but starting next month, a big change to its privacy policy could push many people away.

Beginning February 8, WhatsApp will require all of its users to share their data with parent company Facebook. If you don't agree to the policy, WhatsApp suggests deleting your account.

Given all of the bad press we've seen around Facebook for the past few years, it's understandable why a change like this is being responding to so strongly. Taking a look through the AC forums, some of our members have already begun discussing the matter.

Could'nt find anything that detailed. Thank you. Would you recommend accepting it as use it to communicate with my bosses and family. Its uk version btw


I'll leave it up to you to decide if you wish to accept those terms, it's not my place to tell you what to do and what risks to take with your data privacy.


This got us to wondering — Will you keep using WhatsApp after the big policy change?

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  • Nope! Removed right now!
  • Unfortunately more than 90% of my friends only use WhatsApp. If I move off that, I loose a way to stay in touch. If more people switch to other messengers like telegram, I would love to give up whatsapp
  • I mainly use SMS to message people, I don't use whats app at all, I do use Facebook Messenger once in a blue moon. BUT if you and people rely on whatsapp then you are stuffed.
  • Please stop scaring people into thinking there are huge changes coming to whatsapp! "WhatsApp does, however, use end-to-end encryption for all messaging – text, voice, and video – so cannot see or use the content of your messages or calls. Update: The new privacy policy also doesn’t apply in Europe due to stronger privacy legislation there." So, what's Facebook going to collect that they did not have access to before, like phone numbers and meta data? I don't like that whatsapp is part of FB but my data (chats, pix, calls) are practically useless to them. And fortunately, most of my contacts sit in Germany anyway.
    And as Ads are concerned, I couldn't care less. Thanks to AdGuard I've been adless for years!
  • Find someone with an iPhone and have them pull up Facebook in the store. Look at the App Privacy section recently required by Apple. Hit 'see details', and start scrolling. It's like a CVS receipt. That's stuff on your phone, not in Facebook. I imagine WhatsApp will be similar, though it isn't as long right now on iPhone.
  • Yep and so will everyone else let's be honest. What are they getting access to that they didn't before? Your profile pic, your status, your ip address. Oh no 😱. Won't make a blind bit of difference to the vast majority of people other than finding targeted ads on your Facebook page or browser... just like always
  • What change? WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, don't they already collect that information? Google and Facebook know more about me than any of the hackers who have breached Target and Macys and all of those other online databases. I can probably add AT&T to that list as well. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger personally aren't my first choices of communicating with people, but since 90% of people that I communicate with use those programs, it's not like I have a choice (unless I want to become a hermit).
  • With the whole facebook v Apple thing at the moment, as much as I ain't a Apple fan and it will never happen it would be a great time for Apple to bring about cross platform iMessage!
  • i don't use it now, so no odds to me, but there are a lot of people that do use it and that is the problem.
  • Might not be big in the US etc but WhatsApp is massive especially in Europe so they kind of have you by the balls!
  • I am using both Whatsapp and Signal (and also marginally Line), and i will certainly encourage people to switch to Signal...
  • But RCS will negate the need for any Instant Messaging services once it's universally available on Android..... Yeah everyone just stuck with WhatsApp and will continue to do so 😂
  • Viber, which started nearly at the same time, is a way better app with better features. And, you can use it on your computer without having Viber connected on your phone (which is so silly from WhatsApp, forcing you to what WA open to use it on your PC). If only more would go to Viber, which actually does protect user privacy and has encryption for every message.