Will HTC Sense UI Be Available on Other Devices ?

Undoubtedly, the biggest hit of the HTC Hero announcement had to be the new HTC Sense UI. It was all kinds of slick, sexy, and smooth--to say we were more than impressed is to sell our reaction short--we're as excited to use the Sense UI as we were for the launch of Android back in October.

So color us jubilated when HTC CEO Peter Chou dropped this nugget: 

"HTC sense will be available on some other existing devices"

There isn't any set-in-stone confirmation yet but we can't help but wonder how much the Sense UI will improve our current HTC Android offerings. And if HTC offers the Sense UI in there future upcoming Android phones, how much of a leg up do they have when compared to other Android Phone manufacturers? Could the now-vanilla 'ol Android succeed while Sense is available? Will competing Android Phone Manufacturers build their own custom software on top of Android? And what if Sense launches on HTC Windows Mobile Devices?

These are all questions that'll be answered in months, maybe years time but in the meantime let's hope that the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G will get the HTC Sense UI!

[via pocketlint]

Casey Chan