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Will HTC Sense UI Be Available on Other Devices ?

Undoubtedly, the biggest hit of the HTC Hero announcement had to be the new HTC Sense UI. It was all kinds of slick, sexy, and smooth--to say we were more than impressed is to sell our reaction short--we're as excited to use the Sense UI as we were for the launch of Android back in October.

So color us jubilated when HTC CEO Peter Chou dropped this nugget: 

"HTC sense will be available on some other existing devices"

There isn't any set-in-stone confirmation yet but we can't help but wonder how much the Sense UI will improve our current HTC Android offerings. And if HTC offers the Sense UI in there future upcoming Android phones, how much of a leg up do they have when compared to other Android Phone manufacturers? Could the now-vanilla 'ol Android succeed while Sense is available? Will competing Android Phone Manufacturers build their own custom software on top of Android? And what if Sense launches on HTC Windows Mobile Devices?

These are all questions that'll be answered in months, maybe years time but in the meantime let's hope that the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G will get the HTC Sense UI!

[via pocketlint]

  • i don't want that Sense UI on mytouch 3G. I think it ruins the whole android exprience. Sense UI should be an app in the Android Market place to download and give people a chance to use it and see if they like it or not. I had my days with HTC Mogul with a cook windows rom 6.1 on and it still sucked,even with HTC Home and Customizer. I'm done with that exprience that is far left behind. That's all i got to say about that.
  • I read on other site this morning that the Sense UI isn't just an Android thing. They've been working on this for 3 years and it will be on Windows Mobile devices as well. Using the past to predict the future, Sense UI (a.k.a. the new TouchFlo) on WinMo probably won't be the same as on Android. TouchFlo was nothing more than a skin ontop of WinMo. Once you left the TouchFlo experience, you were left with the same Windows Mobile everybody else had. Sense UI on Android is different. Google purposely allows manufacturers to do whatever they choose with the OS. Microsoft does not and likely will continue to forbid changing things beyond the surface. So Sense UI on Android isn't just a skin; it can be implemented anywhere the user interfaces with the operating system. And that's the power of Android. Windows Mobile, iPhone and even Palm Pre don't allow this much customization. The only OS beside Android to allow this is Symbian.
  • when he says some other android devices to my memory before the hero there are only two dream or "G1" and the magic or "mytouch" well you have the cool ass i7500 too so hes talking like their are tons of devices. IMO i hope its avaliable in the marketplace as well like Chowder. It looks cool but im already a fan of the current system the sense UI dosent really appeal to me atleast not to use indefinately.
  • There is no possible way that you will be able to use Semse on "Google Experience" phones. That would detract from the pure Googleness on vanilla Android builds (AKA MyTouch 3G, T-Mobile G1)
  • I'm wondering how much more RAM the Sense uses over the standard UI. If it's a lot, I would rather get the myTouch with the standard UI IF the myTouch comes to the US with 288 MB RAM too. If it's the Vodafone version, then it may only have 192 MB RAM like the G1.
  • According to BGR Sense will not be coming to handsets that bear the "with Google" logo (i.e. the G1, and his new brother). Something to do with branding. You'll probably be able to get a ROM version of it, somehow, but it'll be a pain. Lame. =(
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  • About the "with google" comment. My Sprint Hero w/ Sense built-in says "with Google" on the back.
  • You pointed well will those questions I'm especially interested if Sense launches on HTC Windows Mobile Devices?... and I hope to find the answer one of these days...maybe months - hopefully not years!
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  • And what if Sense launches on HTC Windows Mobile Devices? - great question!
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  • 5 years later.. I think now we have the answer!!