Experience is what matters, project manager tells search conference

An interesting couple of articles today from our sister site Windows Phone Central, regarding the possibility of Microsoft bringing its Cortana voice assistant (think Google Now) to other platforms, including Android. Of course, bringing Cortana to Android isn't as simple as just saying "Hey, let's bring Cortana to Android." And Cortana project manager Marcus Ash does a great job explaining the thought process that goes into even considering such a move.

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The video above is from the SMX Advanced search marketing conference in Seattle, and it's absolutely worth a watch.

Said Ash:

"If I'm a Windows PC user and I have a Kindle tablet and an Android phone, how good is the Windows Cortana experience going to be if it doesn't know anything about what I'm doing with those devices? It's really a difficult question that we're spending a lot of time trying to figure out."

Would Cortana actually add anything to a traditional Android experience? Maybe, or maybe not. Gotta love that Microsoft is at least exploring the idea in the theoretical sense.

Source: WPCentral (1, 2)