Which Galaxy Note 10 model should you buy: Regular, Plus, or 5G?

Best answer: For 2019, Samsung is releasing three different Notes for three different groups of people. The regular Note 10 is best if you want the Note experience in a more compact package. However, if you value things like a microSD card and a bigger battery, the Note 10+ will be the way to go. Most people can probably skip the Note 10+ 5G, but if you live in a 5G market, it might be worth a look.

We recommend splurging for the Note 10+

Starting off with the Note 10+, this is the variant we'd recommend most people buy. While it shares the same processor, design, and software of the regular Note 10, there are a few key benefits you get with the Plus version.

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CategoryGalaxy Note 10+Galaxy Note 10
Display6.8-inchDynamic AMOLED3040 x 1440498ppi6.3-inchDynamic AMOLED2280 x 1080401ppi
Rear Cameras16MP Ultra Wide Camera12MP Wide-angle Camera12MP Telephoto CameraDepthVisioin Camera16MP Ultra Wide Camera12MP Wide-angle Camera12MP Telephoto Camera
Battery4,300 mAh3,500 mAh
Expandable Storage✔️

The additional DepthVision Camera (Time-of-Flight sensor) is neat, but for most folks, we think what's really going to sell them on the Note 10+ is the larger and higher-res display, longer battery life, and support for microSD cards.

That's a lot of added functionality, and for just $150 more than the regular Note 10, it's clear to us which is the better buy.

The regular Note 10 is the cheapest and cuts some corners

Ever since the Note line was introduced back in 2011, Samsung's used it to showcase the very best that it has to offer in a smartphone. That'd lead you to believe that the Galaxy Note 10 is the best Samsung phone you can buy in 2019, but that's not exactly the case this year.

The Galaxy Note 10 is an excellent piece of tech, but compared to the more impressive Note 10+, it lacks a few features.

Most notably, the Galaxy Note 10 does not have a microSD card slot. This has been a staple of the Note series since its inception, but it's something you won't find on the regular Note 10. Another downside to the regular Note 10 is its display. The Full HD+ AMOLED panel still looks good, but when you're spending $950 on a new phone, it's a little ridiculous not to get Quad HD+.

At the same time, the Note 10 does benefit from having an incredible form factor. While the 6.3-inch display is plenty large, the ridiculously slim bezels surrounding it allow the phone to have a wonderful feel in the hand. It's the first Note in a while that doesn't feel overly huge, and for some potential buyers, that might be reason enough to stick with the base version.

Lastly, the regular Note 10 might also be appealing to those looking to buy a new Note while spending as little as possible. The phone is still expensive with a starting price of $950, but among the trio, it is the least costly.

Most people can probably skip the Note 10+ 5G

Last but not least, there's the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G.

This is essentially the same phone as the Note 10+, save for the fact that it connects to 5G networks. It also costs $200 more. The Note 10+ 5G is being offered exclusively for Verizon's network at first, but at a later date, it'll make its way to AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

People that live in any of the select markets that already support 5G may want to give the Note 10+ 5G a look, but for most buyers, we think it's worth saving your money and just getting the Note 10+.

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