Where to take your bricked Evo 4G

We've talked with HTC some more about this week's OTA update for the Evo 4G that brought some improvements to most, and bricks to a scant few. Here's where we stand:

  • If your update went just fine on Monday, you're good to go. Mazel tov.
  • If you've updated since yesterday (after the update was briefly pulled), you're good to go.
  • If your phone was bricked during the update -- and HTC stresses to us that the number of affected phones was very low (though that's of little consolation to those with a brand new paperweight) -- you need to take your phone to a Sprint corporate store to get things taken care of. Easiest way to find one is by using the tool at sprint.findlocation.com, and be sure to click the "Repair centers near me" button. That'll get you the nearest store where they can make things right.

For those of you new to Android (and smartphones, for that matter), fear not. Think about how many over-the-air updates have gone out for our beloved platform. While problems occasionally occur, it's the exception, not the rule. And HTC and Sprint's responses were swift and should be commended.

  • *reposted from yesterday* because I'm noticing a lot of peeps aren't checking out the other articles so they might have missed this. I wanted to instil confidence back into EVO users like me who were "bricked", that Sprint will in fact give you a brand new replacement EVO (not refurbished) to rectify this problem. Stock withstanding of course... So the Asst. Manager at the "repair" store emailed me (I didn't have my phone so he couldn't call me) to tell me he had a shipment in and could replace my EVO with a brand new one. Of course I responded quickly as he said he could only hold it until 430pm (maybe he wanted to know if I was really serious). So I went to the store and they busted out the phone, activated it in a flash and sent me on my way. Of course I wasn't about to leave the store until I inspected the phone for screen issues, pixelation and otherwise overlooked defects...in which all were good. Then since I had some time, I figured I'd play around with it a little and low and behold there was that OTA again. I figured what the hell...I'm in the store, might as well do it. Pins and needles as they were, I downloaded and installed with no issues or hiccups at all. I hadn't loaded any widgets so far, and the preloaded ones were not affected. Then just to be sure, I checked to see if there were any more updates (not that I would have touched that with a ten foot pole) but it said I was all fully updated. Whew... So now I'm inspecting for battery life, WiFi response and any other new features or improvements. So far WiFi is a bit longer in range, and battery life seems to be somewhat improved, but further testing will be needed. Update seemed to work (with this second phone) no problem at all.
  • Yes, I have never seen such fast response on an issue...proud to be a sprint customer....funny how sprint is going up and att is down in the tech community.
  • MOZEL TOV!!! *Hilarious*
  • took mine to best buy got a refund reordered a new one if taken to a sprint store they will give you a refurbished phone ( at least thats what they told me)
  • Did you even read my post?
  • I've bought phones from other sources & have been able to replace phone at the Sprint store. As long as it's branded Sprint; returning/exchanging has never been a problem for me.
  • I got bricked yesterday. Took it to Sprint. They had a new shipment yesterday and had two EVOs left, gave both to the two of us who had been bricked. It shouldn't have happened but I'm pleased (all things relative...) the way Sprint handled the problem. No one pretended that it was anything other than a goof. With some trepidation, installed update today. No problems.
  • I installed ok first round. Sorry to those who didn't. But this improved battery life claim is horseshit! I came off of a pre which had the worst battery life and they constantly claimed it improved with every update. Why?? Now I love this phone and the battery life is way better than the pre but please with the improved battery claims!!
  • So, let me get this straight. Even if I purchased my phone at Best Buy a Sprint Corporate store will be willing to replace my Evo?
  • no, you have to go back through best buy
  • You can go through a Corporate Sprint Repair store if you have insurance on it but that might void the Best Buy warranty since it's a different phone with a different serial number.
  • Mine has worked beatifully since the launch.... and the update went perfectly today!!! I love my EVO!
    AI can akready tell the WIFI works much better. Much stronger signal off the bat! We will see how the battery life changes tomorrow.
  • So..... I'm not clear. ... I have a few questions: 1) Are we only getting replacements for our bricks because we are within the 30 day warranty window ? 2) Am I responsible for the success of an update? 3) If there's a new update a few months from now that bricks our phone, is it OUR PROBLEM??? .... and we just hope we have insurance?? If the answer to these 3 questions is Yes, I'll be leaving Updates turned off until well into my 2 year contract. Froyo might be nice, but I'd like a phone that works without having to possibly rebuy it. I'd be really interested in an informed response.
  • The last thing I have been getting from these forums are informed responses just mere assumptions for the most part. Ha.
  • Good questions RickSparks, and I think with my experience (read my post on top) I have a fairly informed answer for some of it I'm pretty sure that Sprint/HTC were bending over backwards to get a phone back in our hands because this sort of snafu is really embarassing for their combined companies. Also, the 30 day warranty came into play I'm sure, because all I'd have had to do (if they only offered refurbished) was return the phone and get all my money back and then re-purchase the phone. As far as a warranty otherwise, I think the phone itself has at least a one year warranty on parts/labor for something that happens to the phone out of your hands (bad update, screen coming loose, etc) that often Sprint will handle but sometimes will push back to the manufacturer (if you don't want a refurbished phone). But as far as refurbished phones go, and trust me I had my issues with my previous Palm Pre; if you get 2 refurbished phones in a row, they give you a phone (brand new) of what you are trying to replace OR one of equivalent value if your phone is not sold anymore. I bought a Pre and it went bad, 1st and 2nd refurbished were bad too (for various reasons) and they just ended up giving me a brand new Pre (which turned out worked fine). So in the end no need to be paranoid on the updates, I think you are ok getting them also given that (as the article mentioned) Google's and HTC's rep for updates that actually work correctly is normally spot on, so this was truly in my eyes a one time deal. I have a feeling that QC person in charge of this mess has been knocked around a little ;)
  • And some question why Apple won't allow OTA updates. This is why! At least with the iPhone you have a local computer backup from which to restore the phone. Not to mention the EVO also has the same antenna issue when held at the bottom or when covering the top. http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/25794/
  • Ah, if wishing made it so.... I have an EVO (my only phone)and I live in a Sprint "marginal zone" outside of Sprint's official coverage. I routinely have just one or two bars. I have no loyalty to Sprint or Android if they don't perform but I can tell you: 1. I can't replicate any changes based on how I hold the phone. 2. With 1-2 bars, I still get decent 3G (1300 or so) and even 4G (3K even though I'm off the map). 3. It has been years (literally) since I had a dropped call, regardless of the phone I've had. My phone was bricked by the update. I went in to the Sprint store, they apologized (no suggestion that I was somehow at fault) and replaced the phone. The update goof was dumb but at least they didn't try to hide it or blame the user or suggest that I "upgrade differently."