Where is the ideal place to mount an Arlo Security Light?

Best answer: Because Arlo Security lights are wire-free, you can mount them pretty much anywhere within range of the Arlo Bridge that controls them, but the best place to mount one is 6-12 feet off the ground, tilted down towards an area where foot-traffic moves back and forth across the light's sensor path rather than walking directly towards it.

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Home, home within range, where the Bridge and the Arlo Light play

When placing an Arlo Security Light, the number one thing to consider is whether the location is within range of the Arlo Bridge hub that comes with the Arlo Security Light system. While the Security Lights are wire-free and weather-resistant, the Arlo Bridge is not, and needs to be kept indoors, plugged into an elevated electrical outlet. Arlo Security Lights only work with the Arlo Bridge, not the Arlo Pro 2 camera bases, and the Arlo Bridge has a signal range of 100 feet, much smaller than the 300-foot range of the Arlo Pro 2 cameras and camera base.

If you have one Arlo Bridge and multiple lights, you'll be wanting to plug the Arlo Bridge into a counter-height or second-floor outlet rather than on the floor, as the added height will make the most of its 100-foot range. You don't need to worry about keeping the Arlo Bridge next to your router — it uses Wi-Fi rather than Ethernet for its internet connection — so you just need to focus on getting your Arlo Bridge in a position where all of your Arlo Security Lights are within range of it.

If you have concerns about your lights getting a signal where you want to use them, set up your Arlo Bridge and connect your Arlo Security Lights to the bridge, then take them outside where you want to position them and try to turn them on from the Arlo app. If they turn on and off, you have a signal and you're free to position and mount your lights.

Pick a perch

Picking a perfect perch

Within the 100-foot range of the Arlo Bridge, there are a whole lot of places you can place your Arlo Security Light, but here are three tips for getting the most out of your light, especially when using them in conjunction with any Arlo security cameras:

  • Place high, tilt down — Arlo Security Lights work best when they're 6-12 feet off the ground and tilting down slightly. For entryways, backyards, and around the edges of your home, consider placing your Arlo Security Lights 6-10 inches down from the overhang of your roof, so that the roof can give it a little extra cover against rail or hail.
  • Keep your distance — The sensor on Arlo Security Lights works best when the movement is 5-20 feet from the sensor and moving across the front of the sensor rather than walking directly towards/away from it. If you want to use an Arlo Security Light on the walkway up to your front door, it's better to place the Security light on a wall or pillar facing the walkway rather than mounting the security light above your front door.
  • Avoid sensor overlap — If you're using an Arlo Security Light alongside any Arlo security cameras, position the Arlo Security Light so that its motion sensor area supplements the camera's motion sensors rather than overlapping it. Remember that Arlo cameras and Security Lights can be grouped by zone or paired up so that when the sensor on a Security Light is triggered, the camera begins filming.

Once your light has been mounted in its desired location, walk in the area you want to monitor and see if you get an alert from the Arlo app. During daylight hours, Arlo Security Lights may not turn on when they detect motion, but they will always send an alert to your phone.

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