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Best Answer: You can purchase a replacement S Pen in a variety of locations including Amazon and Samsung. The pen is the same whether you need it for the Galaxy Note 10 or the Note 10+.

The wonderful S Pen

If your stylus has gone missing or is broken, then you're missing out on many of the conveniences afforded by the Note phones. To get the most out of your expensive smart device, you'll want to replace the S Pen right away.

The stylus is one of the many things that sets the Note 10 and 10+ apart from other phones on the market. In addition to the previous abilities found on the Note 9, this updated version allows users to create customized controls that correspond to specific gestures. Just wave the pen around in the air like a Hogwarts student and you can make specific things happen on screen, whether you want to open apps or interact with mobile games.

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The S Pen is especially helpful if you use your phone to look over documents, calendar events, Excel sheets, and more since you'll be able to click on small details or add accurate notes. Being able to handwrite messages and have them automatically convert into digital text is also a major plus. For those with an artistic eye, the S Pen can be used with AR Doodle to edit your favorite phone photos or create artwork. When the S Pen is used in conjunction with the Note 10+'s DepthVision camera, which can scan objects and turn them into editable 3D renders, users have a lot of artistic abilities at their fingertips.

Of course, there's also the matter of cleanliness. Using a stylus instead of your fingers keeps your screen from getting covered in finger oils, smudges, and other debris found on your hands. When placed in its sheath, the S Pen lays flush with the rest of the phone and is easy to remove when wanted. If it goes missing, debris and gunk can creep into the empty stylus slot on your phone. It's best to buy a replacement as soon as possible.

Owners can purchase replacements S Pens from Amazon and Samsung.

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10 S Pen

Galaxy Note 10/10+ S Pen

Stylus replacement for Galaxy Note 10/10+

This simple stylus stores directly into the Galaxy Note 10 or 10+ phone when not in use. Use it to play games on your phone, write messages, doodle images, or simply to interact with your phone apps.

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