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WhatsApp gains Google Drive backup for chat history, voice messages, photos and more

Google and WhatsApp have teamed up to bring Google Drive support to the popular messaging app. The new feature will be rolling out over the course of the next few months to all of Whatsapp's 900 million users. With Google Drive integration, you'll now be able to create private backups of your information to keep safe, and even be able to restore it if you move to a new device.

The backups will include your chat history, voice messages, photos and videos, and they will be kept safe and secure thanks to encryption. You'll be able to just as easily restore the backups as you can create them, making sure that you don't accidentally delete or lose any memorable moments. The feature will be rolling out to all users in the coming months, so be sure to keep an eye on your WhatsApp settings to see when it becomes available for you.

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  • Excellent! Whatsapp really needed this - switching phones is not a very good experience currently.
  • Try gallery sync app. It basically a folder syncing program intended for photo backup way before Photos app came out. You can sync any folder to google drive. You can also set parameters such as: 'only on wifi while charging ' - it works great.
  • Correction - it does only sync image files. My bad.
  • I needed this 3 months ago, I already missed a few very important voice notes that I forgot to backup :(
  • Well that's all kinds of awesome!
  • Where/what folder does it actually get saved it? BTW, when I wiped my phone - it didn't really restore any conversastion or media history.
  • I have this option already for months nothing new! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I just installed version 2.12.302 from and the feature shows up for me.
  • Private? This is WhatsApp we're talking about. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Really awesome feature.
    One thing good is office and one drive.
    Back up WhatsApp on it will be great Posted via the Android Central App
  • It's a good idea as I believe, but it never log me in whenever I tried to use it Posted via the Android Central App
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