WhatsApp enters into tiff with Telegram by blocking links

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is causing some issues with Telegram users by blocking links to the competitor's platform. This appears to affect those using the messaging app on Android alone, which will see WhatsApp remove the link attached to any Telegram URL.

Facebook doesn't appear to be censoring the text as a whole as you can freely enter "Telegram" in chat and it will subsequently appear on the recipient's handset. All that's being done here is removing the attached link, rendering said URLs useless. According to Telegram, who informed The Verge, this issue began with a recent update (2.12.367) that was pushed to the Google Play Store.

Are you experiencing the same with attempting to get Telegram links out to friends? We've tried sending them out on both iOS and Windows Phone and encountered no problems, so it looks as though it's only the Android offering that's affected.

Via: The Verge

Rich Edmonds