What's on Jennifer Locke's gaming desk: Xbox, PlayStation, and Star Wars

I usually have a lot of random junk and papers strewn all over my desk, but when it comes down to it, the most important things on my desk are for work. You'll have to excuse the heinous lighting in the picture because my desk isn't in an area conducive for good photography, and it can't be moved easily as it weighs a ton. I'll spend a majority of my day at my desk either writing, researching, or just playing games. Work and fun don't always collide like that — I just happen to be lucky. Here's everything I use on my desk to get through my work day.

My displays and stuff collecting dust

And what about my gaming monitor? Well, I use a small 24 inch Insignia television, and it's so old and cheap that it's been discontinued. Honestly it's not something that I would recommend people get anyway. I bought it when I didn't have a ton of money and just needed something to get the job done. And it does for the most part. But when I need to test a game that supports 4K resolution and HDR, I use my Samsung NU7100. It's also an older model that's hard to find anymore (and not on my desk) but it's actually a great television.

As for streaming, I have an old Elgato Game Capture HD that I don't use anymore because it only captures in 1080p 30FPS. Not exactly conducive to show off a game's graphical fidelity or performance nowadays. Right now it's sitting in one of my drawers collecting dust.

Each of my devices are important to both my work and play, but considering my job, my PlayStation 4 Pro is probably the most important thing on my desk.

Jennifer Locke
Games Editor - PlayStation, Android, VR

Jennifer Locke has been playing video games nearly her entire life. You can find her posting pictures of her dog and obsessing over PlayStation and Xbox, Star Wars, and other geeky things.