What's Missing on Disney Plus: TV shows and movies that need to be added

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I've been watching an absolutely ungodly amount of cartoons and movies and specials and series over the last few weeks since Disney Plus (Disney+) launched. Looking around you'd think, sure, it's got everything. However, when I go looking for even more to watch, I always find myself wanting more. There are hundreds of shows and series already on Disney+, but there are still hundreds more that are missing. These are the ones I miss the most on the new service.


Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella (1997)

This is perhaps the most stunning omission from the Disney+ launch library considering that not only is this one of the most iconic Wonderful World of Disney telefilms ever made, this was a groundbreaking film both financially and culturally. More than a decade before Princess and the Frog, Brandi gave us a black Cinderella that was sweet but still headstrong and smart. Heck, the whole cast was amazing, from Jason Alexander's Lionel to Whoopi Goldberg and Victor Garber's royal rulers to Bernadette Peters as the best Wicked Stepmother since Elanor Audley — sorry, Cate Blanchette — this telefilm is just gold, and the only travesty greater than this not being available on Disney+ is that there's not a soundtrack available for it anywhere.

Brave Little Tailor

Of all the Mickey Mouse shorts to skip in the initial Disney+ offerings, why leave out Brave Little Tailor, which not only is a classic short but also is the inspiration behind the Ye Olde Mickey's in Fantasyland at Walt Disney World?

My Date With The President's Daughter

You just started hearing the theme song, right? I know I did! This Wonderful World of Disney film is hilarious and 90s to a holographic T and lets young Will Friedle do what he does best: get into and out of trouble with ridiculously smooth ease.

The Music Man (2003)

Yes, I'm a freak, but this is the version of The Music Man that I think of when I hear 76 Trombones or Shipoopi. Matthew Broderick's Harold Hill is extra-playful and Kristen Chenoweth's Marian is adorably spunky, but my favorite actor from this remake of the classic musical is David Aaron Baker as Marcellus, who absolutely runs away with Shipoopi and makes a wonderfully honest huckster-gone-good. This version also had My White Knight, which Chenoweth absolutely slayed.

Princess of Thieves

Kiera Knightly is all I should really have to say for this Wonderful World of Disney film, but if you needed more, Johnathan Hyde makes a delectable deplorable Prince John and Malcolm McDowell's Sheriff of Nottingham is prime evil lawman. Headstrong female protagonists that break the princess mold and forge their own destiny were important to little millennial girls and in the age of "Dream Big, Princess", Princess of Thieves deserves to be in the Princess Collection just as much as Princess Diaries or Princess Protection Program!!

Angels in the Outfield

Man, the cast in the movie was just amazing. You've got Christopher Lloyd playing a playful but still insightful angel that only the kids can see, you've got perfectly pint-sized Joseph Gordon Levitt, you've got Danny Glover playing a troubled Angels Manager, and then you've got gems scattered throughout the Angels lineup like Neal McDonough, Matthew McConaughey, Adrien Brody and Tony Danza. The world needs more cute sports movies, and so does Disney+.

Goofy "How to" shorts

There are two of these shorts already on Disney+ right now: How to Fish and How to Swim, but there are 23 Goofy "How to" shorts from the first batch in the 40's to a big batch in the short-lived "Mickey Mouse Works" shorts anthology series to How to Hook Up Your Home Theater in 2007. These shorts are hilarious and if Disney+ is about bringing all of the Disney content under one umbrella, all the Goofy How-tos should be together in one place, be it a collection, a playlist, or compiled as its own series.


Tell it, girl!

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Hey, if we're going to keep joking that Anastasia is a Disney Princess now that Disney owns her, let's at least put her on Disney+ so I can dance around my living room to Once Upon a December. This film is on Hulu's HBO add-on at the moment, but I'm very hopeful that Disney gets it back and gets it on Disney+ sooner rather than later. Kelsey Grammar's Vlad and John Cusack's Dmitri are partner-in-crime goals and again, Christopher Lloyd is amazing in everything, even when he's playing an undead Russian sorcerer.

Fun fact: the singing voice for Rasputin is Jim Cummings, who is also the current voice of Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Every time I hear In The Dark of the Night, my mind pictures Tigger doing some overdramatic dark summoning in his treehouse. (And now, you will, too!)

WDAS and Disney/Pixar Shorts Collections

I don't care if they're all in here as two anthology films or as separate individual short films, but we need more of the recent shorts like The Ballad of Nessie, Frozen Fever and Oscar-winner Paperman, as well as some of the older shorts like John Henry and Paul Bunyan. Matter of fact, just bring the whole Disney Favorite Stories VHS series to Disney+ so I can watch Mickey and the Beanstalk without the creepy puppet in the frame narrative. Ludwig von Drake makes a better host any day of the week!


Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

Considering Toy Story's franchise is still going strong in 2019, it's kind of stunning that this Disney's One Saturday Morning show isn't on Disney+ to help pad out the Toy Story Collection. Yes, it felt weird to have a drastically different voice for Buzz Lightyear in the TV show, but Patrick Warburton puts his own spin on it, and the worldbuilding in that show and the dynamics developed between the team members — and with the plethora of villains — were refreshingly fun. The comedy on this show was aces, and it's worth putting on Disney+ for this joke alone.


Yet another ABC Saturday Morning show that I want to see on Disney+, if for no other reason than I think this is the show that trained me to like cop procedural shows. It also started me on a love of Tara Strong-voiced goths that would catch fire when Teen Titans launched the following year.

The Muppet Show

Most Muppets movies and shows are on Disney+ except for the original, The Muppet Show. This was the show that made the Muppets an icon that endures to this day, and while the rights for this show might be trickier than most, it's worth the fight. This needs to be on Disney+.

This was the show that made the Muppets a household name and is where many of its most iconic skits and comedic bits originated, like Pigs in Space and The Electric Mayhem, and a new generation is ready to discover it again.

House of Mouse

Like the Muppet Show, this anthology show is one that helped re-introduce the more classic Disney shorts to a new generation while also giving us some shenanigans-of-the-week with a performance flair. It also allowed us to see the many, many characters in the Disney family interacting in a casual setting, and I'd love to see another show like it on Disney+ in the future — maybe in the same style as the Disney Princesses in Ralph Breaks the Internet — but until then, let me watch the original, please.

Disney Sing-Along Songs

Admittedly, this is a VHS/DVD series, not a TV show, but it's part of my childhood and I know I'm not alone. Sing-alongs and lyric videos are still a thing, so why shouldn't Disney get in on the nostalgia and offer Sing-Alongs that they already have sitting on a shelf somewhere? There's dozens of these kicking around and better that the kiddies watch them on Disney+ instead of piece by piece on YouTube.

American Dragon: Jake Long

There's an impressive amount of Disney Channel shows already on Disney+, but it's just the tip of the iceberg, and of the many shows that aren't, this is one I'd binge in a heartbeat. It was a show that underwent a lot of changes between its two seasons, but it was fun and I want to see it again.


This is a Jetix throwback, but W.I.T.C.H. is a cool comic series and it deserves to be on Disney+, even with all the nonsense that went on during its production. Also, if Disney is looking to reboot some series for D+, this would be a great place to start so that we could have a consistent vision and throw the focus back on our female superhero girls.


Galavant was a kitschy musical miniseries that was just as shocked as the world was when it got a second season, and now that Disney+ is here, it's time to put the series on D+ and get Alan Menken and the gang back for a third season of singing and insanity. The whole cast is amazing, but Karen David's Isabella perfectly spin-kicks the medieval movie stereotypes while Timothy Omundson's King Richard is hilariously charming as a hapless buffoon who starts out an evil overlord and ends up a— oh, just watch it and you'll see.

Agents of SHIELD

This show is currently split between Netflix for the older seasons and Hulu for the current season episodes, but I'm hoping that once this final season finishes airing, it'll all wind up on Disney+ in the Marvel section. After all, this was a game-changing series for Marvel and remains the long-running Marvel TV series, it makes sense for it to live with all of Marvel's movies and cartoons on Disney+.

What's on your Disney+ wishlist?

Again, this is a very limited portion of a list that is pages and pages long, and I know that there's still more I'm adding to it every time I turn around. What are you missing on Disney+? Tell us in the comments — and then go request them

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