What's the longest you've ever kept a phone?

Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 (Image credit: Android Central)

When we talk about phones, we talk about the ones that are the latest and greatest. When the Galaxy S20 or Pixel 4 is out, no one really cares to go back and think about the S10 or Pixel 3.

Some people do frequently upgrade their phone and are always jumping over to whatever is the hottest device on the market, but for others, buying a phone is a long-term commitment.

Recently, one of our AC forum members posted that they're still rocking a Samsung Galaxy S7 and are wondering if they should finally upgrade. Here's how some of that conversation went.

I've had my s7 second hand for a few years now and has been the best phone I've had so far. Unfortunately I think the battery is kicking the bucket. 2 hours n 7 mins and I'm at 51% this morning 😕. What's a good upgrade via swappa or something else second hand $200 price range. Or should I just replace the battery on the s7? Can't decide, would like some input from the community.


Hi there! If you are looking for a device that has a stock launcher and performs smoothly, with a good camera, I'd recommend looking at the Pixel 2 or even Pixel 3a. They may be a little over your $200 price range, but if you could find them on Swappa, you may be able to snap a good deal.


since you like the s7, maybe you should stick with s8 or s9. both are under 200 if you are wanting used. one thing to consider with used phones, you really do not know how may charging cycles its been through. so battery may not be much better.

me just saying

All of this got us to wondering — What's the longest you've ever kept a phone?

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