Work, gaming, and hobbies; my desk sees it all and holds a mix of equipment to that end. Due to Fibromyalgia my day usually breaks down a little differently than others: stretching out stiff limbs with a show and tea, working when the fog clears from my mind, gaming a little with friends, and then working again just in case the next day is bad. Toss in a little stabbing felt with needles when things get stressful and you have my happy little gaming nook. This is what I use on my desk to survive the day.

Feather light: Logitech G433 Wired Headset

Staff Pick

My body doesn't handle pressure well. Mosts headsets will give me a headache within an hour due to the weight. The G433's are extremely lightweight at only 9.1 ounces. You do lose a few features like 7.1 Dolby Surround, but if you are looking for a light headset with long lasting comfort, these are great.

$65 at Amazon

The workhorse: NZXT BLD - Gaming PC

While my PC is showing its age with a late gen i5 processor and NVIDIA GTX 1050 GPU, it still gets the job done both in terms of work and gaming. An upgrade will be in her future and with their great customer service, strong base builds to pick from, and some of great cases, a new NZXT BLD is a good possibility.

From $899 at NZXT

Brown switch beauty: Logitech G815 Tactile Mechanical Keyboard

I'm not going to lie to you, this one was a gift. I love the feel of Logitech mechanical keyboards but I don't currently have the disposable income to spend $200 on one. If you do, this keyboard has an amazingly clean, thin design with low-profile keys. It's the most comfortable keyboard I've ever owned.

$200 at Amazon

Perfect buttons: Logitech G502 Hero

I took a year-long break from my beloved G502 in order to test out the PowerPlay system for the G903. While there were things I loved about it, the G502 Hero won me back. I missed the solid feel of it and the superior ergonomic shape. However, the biggest draw for me is the better button positioning. Sorry lefties.

$52 at Amazon

Smooth moves: Jelly Comb Extended Mouse Mat

This mouse pad wouldn't usually be my first choice (features like the phone stand seem silly to me) but for the price it was worth a shot. I don't use the stand often but when I do, I admit, it's nice to see my phone screen. The mouse glides over this pad's surface with ease and control, and isn't that, after all, a mouse pad's main job?

$16 at Amazon

Stabbing stress away: Woolbuddy Needle Felting Starter Kit

It's always good for people to know you have the patience to stab something thousands of times. WoolBuddy has the most unique little critters to make while you hone those patient stabbing skills. This kit comes with everything a person needs to start their first project. Just be careful of your fingers, these needles are no joke.

$28 at Amazon

Grab-N-Go music: Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM (2015)

This speaker is four years old and still sounding strong. It's traveled with me on trips overseas, through baggage handling, dropped, and accidently tested to see if it was truly waterproof. I am sure one day it will need a replacement and when that day comes I won't hesitate to pick up another Ultimate Ears speaker.

From $119 at Amazon

PlayStation exclusives: PlayStation - Original

My PlayStation was bought specifically for The Last of Us. I wanted to play that one game so badly that I picked up an entire new console, and it did not disappoint. All of the other PlayStation exclusives I've enjoyed have been a wonderful bonus. Now, I am lucky enough to work with it, writing about PlayStation and its games.

$285 at Amazon

Inside the PlayStation: Spyro - Reignited Trilogy

This little dragon is where it all began. Spyro was my first ever console game after my siblings and I got a PlayStation for Christmas in 1998. Twenty years later, when the remaster came outm I couldn't wait to get back to everyone's favorite purple dragon. I have managed to take my time playing through it and I'm loving every minute.

From $33 at Amazon

Switch it up: Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy‑Con

I've always loved Nintendo games but always settled for playing at other people's homes. None of the previous consoles or handhelds really called to me until the Switch. With the much larger screen for handheld and the option to dock it for TV mode, this is the first Nintendo train I jumped on. Mario Kart parties here we go.

$300 at Amazon

Inside the Switch: Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild was my first Zelda game. It's both beautiful and adorable at the same time and I'm not entirely sure how that happens. However, as a person who loves collecting, I simply can't get enough of running around looking for that one weirdly placed rock or random tree. I swear I will find all the nuts!

From $48 at Amazon

Owns the Joy-Con: Switch Pro Controller

Joy-Cons are great for party gaming and handheld modes on the go, but, when you dock for TV mode and sit down to play a long session of your favorite game, you can towards the Pro controller. The Pro isn't my favorite gaming controller but it is a strong option. Despite the wide face, which I find a bit awkward to look at, it is very comfortable in the hand.

From $62 at Amazon

And all the rest?

Both my screens, the HP Pavilion 27xi monitor and a 32-inch Samsung television have been discontinued. I love them but part of that might be because they've outlived their design. There is nothing special about either though and I am sure their successors are great. Hopefully I won't have to find out too soon.

Everything in my nook is important to me, I've long since gotten rid of meaningless items and gear I don't use. What is left is a handful of electronics I couldn't live without, like my Logitech G433 headset, I nearly cried with joy when I put them on for the first time and didn't feel any pressure from their weight.

I would also say my PlayStation is the most important thing in my work space, especially since it's a major part of my work. However, if I'm being honest, my needle felting is the most important personal item here. Without an outlet for stress I'm not much good to work. I could also look at my lovingly organized nicknacks, like my snow globes, whose story will have to be for another time.

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