What's on Kelly Peirce's gaming desk: Work, consoles and felty critters

Work, gaming, and hobbies; my desk sees it all and holds a mix of equipment to that end. Due to Fibromyalgia my day usually breaks down a little differently than others: stretching out stiff limbs with a show and tea, working when the fog clears from my mind, gaming a little with friends, and then working again just in case the next day is bad. Toss in a little stabbing felt with needles when things get stressful and you have my happy little gaming nook. This is what I use on my desk to survive the day.

And all the rest?

Both my screens, the HP Pavilion 27xi monitor and a 32-inch Samsung television have been discontinued. I love them but part of that might be because they've outlived their design. There is nothing special about either though and I am sure their successors are great. Hopefully I won't have to find out too soon.

Everything in my nook is important to me, I've long since gotten rid of meaningless items and gear I don't use. What is left is a handful of electronics I couldn't live without, like my Logitech G433 headset, I nearly cried with joy when I put them on for the first time and didn't feel any pressure from their weight.

I would also say my PlayStation is the most important thing in my work space, especially since it's a major part of my work. However, if I'm being honest, my needle felting is the most important personal item here. Without an outlet for stress I'm not much good to work. I could also look at my lovingly organized nicknacks, like my snow globes, whose story will have to be for another time.

Kelly Peirce