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Hype is a funny thing. It's almost impossible to live up to, and yet it's also impossible to avoid.

Amazon has been hyping Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan for what seems like forever. Months and months. And now it's finally here, available for binging on all the platforms that support Amazon Prime Video. (Which is pretty much everything.) And the while I'm not usually a fan of blasting through series so fast it's almost impossible to do so with any real enjoyment, Jack Ryan didn't once slow the pace. At only eight episodes — with the longest coming in at barely over an hour, and the shortest clocking in at 42 minutes — it's a quick, easy watch.

And the series was good. Maybe not great, but definitely watchable. John Krasinski is a pretty benign Jack Ryan — a character who perhaps is rivaled only by Jack Bauer when it comes to one person finding himself in the middle of all sorts of terrorist hijinks. Wendell Pierce is great as Jim Greer (with a spoiler-riffic — yet ultimately superficial secret, and his expletives remain in the caliber of Mr. Samuel Leroy Jackson.

But after digesting things for a bit, I think maybe it was Ali Suliman — as terrorist mastermind Mousa Suleiman — who brought the best performance to the series. It's too easy for the terrorist storyline to employ the usual tropes. And while some of that is unavoidable, he still brings a human aspect to the role — and that humanity plays an important twist later in the series.

So does Jack Ryan live up to the hype? Maybe not. But then again maybe there's no way it could. It's good. I'll watch the second season, for sure. But ultimately it's a decent action series in the same vein as Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne, borrowing the characters from Tom Clancy's world.

Check out Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video (opens in new tab) and let me know what you think.

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  • Cord cutters. Lol
  • Just saw a notification from Netflix that season 2 of Ozark is out. Gotta run through it this weekend. Very good show
  • I actually really liked it. Pretty much to the point that after Alec, Harrison, Aflek, and Pine... Krasinski is my favorite Jack Ryan. I absolutely loved Krasinski's portrayal of Jack Ryan. He did the character very well as compared to the books. Unfortunately, the series itself didn't utilize Jack Ryan as much as it should or could have. If anything the Jack Ryan character (and the character building with his love interest Cathy who is also huge in the books) was left to the back burner. IMHO, while the show is BASED on the book characters but going their own direction without actually following the books, they really dropped the ball on focusing on the title character. The character of Jack Ryan should have seen more screen-time. I really think Krasinski did a great job. And while I really liked the Suleiman story arc, I still feel that there should have been more Ryan character development or screen time. There were many Suleiman story arc flashbacks that weren't needed. The opening series should have focused more on the Ryan character. In a nutshell or to summarize... Krasinski was awesome as Jack Ryan. They just failed to focus the story on the man character.  
  • Jack Ryan, trash! Sorry
  • I've watched three episodes and I think it's pretty good. It's been awhile since I have read any Jack Ryan series books - the movie character seems more subdued than the one in the books - which I'm okay with. I like - reserved - intelligent - accurate - responsive characters... Let the story evolve as it should.
  • Agreed, Krasinski is a keeper in this. It was interesting watching him schooled by Greer while at the same time keeping true to his beliefs. Case in point, Ryan taking the shot near the end after hesitating in Paris. You can seem him getting more resolute across the series episodes. As to making the story more about Ryan... remember in Clancy's books he always had multiple threads going in each story and would switch between characters to show different perspectives. There were always multiple strong characters that often surfaced again and again in later Ryan books (I've read them all). IMO, so far, so good.