Here's what our readers think about Android 12 so far

Android 12
Android 12 (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Most poll responses are in favor of the latest major Android update.
  • The second highest response shows that many people still don't have Android 12.
  • Some users aren't too fond of the new design changes.

After a couple of weeks since Android 12 rolled out to older Pixel smartphones, we wanted to know what our readers thought of Google's latest major OS update.

From our poll results, most of our readers seem to love Android 12. Over 37% of responses favor the update, while a combined 32% of respondents either weren't too excited or just don't like the new design changes.

Android 12 Opinion Poll

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Many people that like Android 12 seem to still have a problem or two with some of the features. Many comments criticized the changes to the quick settings tiles, likely due to their increased size, as well as the loss of the smart home power settings.

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Of course, users have also complained about various bugs in Android 12, like one related to Material You that causes games to crash. Google says that it plans to address some concerns with the December update, so hopefully, bugs like this one will get squashed.

One commenter, RETG, notes that like all things, Android 12 will just take some getting used to:

Don't love; however, far from hating. I took a few days to get used to it on my 4XL; however, I am now comfortable with it.Not only a learning experience, but also some problems with some features and apps and most of those problems were fixed with the Nov. Security and feature update.I will guess that over time, most will be as comfortable with 12 as they were with previous systems.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone has Android 12 yet, or they're on betas pushed out by OEMs of some of the best Android phones, so it'll be some time before everyone gets their hands on the new update.

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  • "I will guess that over time, most will be as comfortable with 12 as they were with previous systems."
    Here's the problem with the above comment: In a few short months we all will have to get used to Android 13, then 14, then....
    Needless for Google to keep making a new version EVERY YEAR! Even Microgod waits several years before shoveling their crap upon us all. Hey Google, why not expend some brain power on FIXING what's wrong with the current version instead? Who knows it might lead to a more stable bug free version every three or four years!
  • My only exposure to Android 12 was playing around with it in a store on a Pixel 6 Pro. I left the store and ordered an iPhone 13 Pro. Did not like the blandness of stock Android & especially material you’s effects on the icons, and the OS felt unintuitive compared to iOS. To be fair I’m an iPhone user currently so it was an attempt to see if switching to Android and Pixel 6 would be worthwhile. As you can see , my conclusion was that it wasn’t worth saving a few bucks.
  • I'm sorry for your loss.