What the L is LG Mobile teasing on Facebook?

LG Mobile already has confirmed a couple of new phones coming next week to Mobile World Congress. There's the Optimus Vu -- a 5-inch, 4:3 behemouth -- and the just-announced Optimus LTE Tag, which a lower-spec'd version of the Optimus LTE, with near-field communication thrown in for good measure.

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

But LG Mobile on its Facebook page also has been teasing some sort of other campaign. It's fairly cryptic -- the only real clues have to do with a bunch of tag lines accented with capital-letter Ls in all the words. "GenuineLy Compassionate." Esteemed VaLue." Perfection with DetaiLs." TimeLess FuLfiLLment." And that's just the latest teaser.

Today's post says that "Tomorrow, we'LL teLL you what aLL the L has been about!" There are fourt other teasers which include YouTube videos of "A River Runs Through It," chinese architecture, the "Bicentennial Man" trailer and an interview with Audrey Hepburn.

We've got no idea if this means yet another piece of new hardware is on the way, or if it's some sort of new marketing scheme or core values from LG. (My gut's telling me it's the latter.) Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Source: LG Mobile on Facebook

Phil Nickinson