What the hell is this running on an HTC Touch Dual?

Whilst wandering through some comments on Gizmodo, we came a link to purported Gingerbread video from Mother Russia.  I don't speak Russian, and I don't read Cyrillic, so we found someone who does. His rough translation is after the break.

I do know that hackers have had Android running on the HTC Touch Dual for quite a while -- videos go back far longer than a year ago -- but this is the first time we've heard (or even thought) the word Gingerbread associated with one, or any phone other than the Nexus One for that matter.

Is it Gingerbread?  Hell, I don't know.  I doubt it.  And the translation makes that all the more clear when the phone in question is referred to as the Nexus 2. But it's certainly not running stock Froyo; you can see when he swipes the launcher bar to enter "helicopter" view.  But it runs so well on such old hardware I figure it's worth sharing.  Have a look at the video after the break, and let the rumor mill begin. [Gizmodo] Thanks, Anton!

YouTube link for mobile viewing


I'd like to demo Android 3.0, based on Android 2.2, modified and sent personally to me by Google Inc - can't help bragging :-) A lot of things work, some standard things don't - like Bluetooth, camera or headset (earphones don't work as well - Lord knows why). But I hope mr. RZK will fix this sometime in the future, I'd really appreciate this.

Surprisingly, helicopter view works - that's how I heard this feature called in one of the reviews. *explains helicopter view* To activate it you have to either single tap home or double tap the camera button, or press the Windows button on the keyboard. Or you can just slide the lower panel.

Further, I'd like to show you the speed. Let's take a look at 3D photo album - from 2.1 onwards the photo album is 3D. It's speedy and looks great. You can scroll photos, or you can group them with this button, or you can 3D-turn them. I think it's practivally useless, pure design stuff.

Let me go to the settings. The device is called Nexus 2, I don't think it's visible on the video but maybe it's readable. It says Nexus 2, Android version: 3.0. A lot of flaws, but those aren't specific to my build, they're common for Android. What else can I surprise you with? Oh, Calculator works just fine, let me show you!

A rather interesting and useful function: since the CPU is just 400MHz you can pump it up a bit. There's an app here, Rogwa Tools [what I heard - transl.] You open it, and there's a stripe and a "apply at bootup" button. Let me try 488 MHz. Hop! - the apply window pops up, so we have to just put the smartphone to sleep mode and wake it back. That's it.

Not gonna show you browsers and market apps - it's all standard. Advanced Task Killer - you all know what it is, right? Battery meter is up there, and it shows charge percentage right there on the panel. *shows advanced task killer and its widget*

There's also 'Flickr wallpapers' app, not gonna show it as I don't have a connection right now.

I've also installed a sudo controlling software *mentions the SMS virus*

Loooong talk about wallpapers

Search, news...

All the maps and widgets are modified.

Voice search sucks, so I'm gonna uninstall it soon

The new Gmail client, the newest version

Thanks for your attention... Oh, wait!

One more thing:

Let me show you the new, replaced welcome image:

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