Android Q Beta 3 is full of new features, but perhaps the most important is the overhauled gesture navigation system.

In addition to being able to use Pie's gestures and the traditional three-button setup, Beta 3 introduces a new method of doing things where you swipe up from the bottom of your screen to go home, swipe from the left or right to go back, and do a swipe up and hold to access your recently opened apps.

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AKA, it's almost identical to the iPhone X's gestures.

Looking through the AC forums, there are some mixed feelings about the new implementation.


The back gesture is almost impossible to initiate if you have a case on your phone, I therefore have to stay on the 2 button gesture option. I hope Google sees that this could be and issue for those who like adding protect to their near $1000 device


I went full gestured. I just wish the single nav bar was a pill like on two button setup.


I'm kinda liking the full gestures. I had really gotten used to the 2 button set-up on the Pixel, but I can see this next phase working really well. The home action is so different .. I'm so used to the button tap.. really interesting.


Totally digging the full gestures. Works flawless on Pixel launcher, However on Nova Launcher it locks up upon a swipe up. It will not open up the app drawer no matter what and only opens the recent apps/search on swipe up before locking up for 15 seconds or so. Q is slowly taking shape and I love it thus far. I will say I am still shocked after the 3rd beta wallpapers are getting stretched after...


Now, we want to hear from you. What do you think about Android Q Beta 3's new gestures?

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