Google mostly knocked it out of the park with its Pixel 2 series, but large bezels on the small Pixel 2 and a lackluster screen on the Pixel 2 XL kept them back from true greatness for some buyers.

We're anticipating Google to unveil its Pixel 3 lineup later this fall, and while the rumor mill is still fairly quiet regarding the phone, that hasn't stopped some of our forum users from talking about what their hoping/expecting to see in the upcoming phone.

Without further ado, here's what people are saying.


The pixel line already rings all my bells and for 'me' it is the best android out there. Boomsound would just be more icing on the cake. I think phone speakers will continue to improve and device makers are always looking for some new innovations to best the competition. So anything is posible. Even me keeping the Pixel 2 for 2 years is possible. Not sure what they could addd to it to make it...


Will be interesting to see what they come up with. My predictions (not to be confused with a wish list): 1. a notch at the top 2. dual cameras 3. IP68 Battery will be about the same. Wireless charging may make a showing as well because of Apple. The Apple notch is a guess because Google seems to be trying hard to make it work. Might see a dark theme too.


I think they'll put a notch in, unfortunately. I hope they don't, but it seems likely that they will. Andrew and Alex from the site both think so as well from what I gathered on the podcast. I'm looking forward to the 2 cameras that they'll likely do. I think from now on I'll get a Pixel and a Galaxy every year. Just alternate between using them as I feel like it.


At the end of the day regardless of design most of us buy the Nexus/ pixel phones for the pure up to date Android software. The design and any extra features are not going to make or break my purchase decision. Just my 2 cents.


With that said, we now want to hear from you — What would you like to see in the Pixel 3?

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