What Android phone would you recommend as someone's first smartphone?

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If you're reading this, chances are you're pretty familiar with Android and smartphones in general. For many of us, smartphones are just normal tools that we've come to use and rely on in various aspects of our day-to-day life.

For some folks that are still rocking basic/dumb phones, however, it can be challenging to get your first smartphone and learn all of its ins and outs.

One of our AC forum members recently said they were looking to finally upgrade their mom's current phone to a smartphone, specifically something that's relatively affordable and easy-to-use. With that criteria in mind, here's what other members recommended.

I see you are a newer user here - welcome to Android Central! Moto is a great idea! Another idea is to look at a Pixel 2. They will be at a lower price point now and I'm sure you'll be able to find used ones at a great bargain. It's also a very simple and uncluttered operating system so your mom wouldn't have to get used to any bloat or weird configuration. Let us know what you decide!


Nokia phones are worth looking at as well. They're all Android One, so they get reliable monthly security and feature updates, and they run "stock" Android (meaning that there's no manufacturer skin on it).

B. Diddy

I am sure both of you will like it. I used the G7+ for a while, until my son broke his phone and inherited it, and I really liked it :) Let us know if you have any question setting it up.

Javier P

Hello, You/Your Mom might try the LG Stylo mobile device lineup. They're easy to use right out of the box with a gradual learning curve. Too, the Stylo comes with a stylus... It's a real bargain through MetroPCS.


All of this got us to wondering — What Android phone would you recommend as someone's first smartphone?

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