Lockscreen options

At the beginning of the week we asked you, the awesome readers of Android Central, how you go about securing the lockscreen on your phone (or if you do it at all). With over 8,660 votes the leading response was "I don't" — meaning that you don't use any method to lock your phone. The results didn't really surprise us, but it made a few of us worry a bit and hope that nobody loses their phone.

Face Unlock — unsurprisingly — had the lowest number of votes. Google never claimed it was secure, it's often finicky about working, and it hates beards and glasses. It's also our least favorite option here at AC world HQ. But we're sure glad it's there for the people who want to use it.

You can see a breakdown of the 5-day result below.

Poll results

We're not exactly how well a poll like this mirrors what people who aren't reading about cell phones on the Internet would say, but in this particular case I'll bet it's pretty close. What do you think? Shout out in the comments and help us all make sense of this.