Moto X

Numbers don't tell the whole story

Everyone's a little excited about the Moto 360, and when it was leaked that the price may be $250, we had to ask and see what everyone thought of that. We made the poll simple, and asked if you would buy a Moto 360 for $250.

Over 67-percent of us would.

So it appears that Motorola found a price point that people could swallow (if that $250 price is right). We also asked for folks to spill it all in the comments and let us know if they will be buying a Moto 360 if they said "yes", or why they won't be buying one no matter what their answer. Some interesting conversation going on in there.

Moto 360 poll results

A lot of us, like TxAndroidGuy, just don't see the need for a smartwatch right now. No hate for any of the Android Wear devices, but they're just not something a lot of us need. Plenty of folks, like Tyegly, are still loving the Pebble and not in the market for something new. And of course, a lot of us think $250 is still too expensive. We're not going to argue — that's a lot of scratch.

Anyhow, be sure to read through the comments at the original post after you check these raw numbers. While the price meets the expectations of many of us, there are still plenty of us that have some questions and will be watching for the first reviews it seems.