OnePlus v. Motorola

It's been two days chock full of Android phones from OnePlus and Motorola. Plenty of us have been waiting to see just what both companies would bring to the table, and even after all the rumors and leaks we still were surprised a little bit.

The OnePlus 2 (deemed the "Flagship Killer" by the folks at OnePlus) continues pushing the balance of features versus cost. There's quite the list of specs packed into a phone that costs less than $400, and while many are talking about the lack of NFC or removable storage, most of the boxes have been ticked and the OP2 will be the phone a lot of us have been waiting for.

Moto showed of three new models, with two falling squarely into the "flagship" category. The Moto X Style is very much this year's version of the Moto X, but bigger, faster and with even more customization options. It also starts at just under $400 when it becomes available in September. The Moto X Play — announced only for Europe, Latin America and Canada (for now) is clearly designed for folks who want a great phone that lasts all day. It is slated to launch in August, and will retail for even less than the Style.

All in all, three phones that plenty of people are going to love. Both companies brought their A game. But which brought it better? Tell us what you think by voting in this weeks poll.

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