No removable backplate, no dice for a lot of Samsung faithful

Samsung's announcement in Barcelona that the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are not going to have a a microSD card slot or a removable battery was a bit of a surprise to some of us — or maybe just me. We knew that this would break the hearts of many a faithful Samsung user would break at this news, and so this week's poll was set.

Deal or no deal? That is the question.

While the results may seem like a fairly even split, remember that Yes and No SD card, no buy are two levels of the same answer, so almost seven thousand of the 11,500 responding users like that the microSD card slot — or lack thereof — matters. While microSD cards can be corrupted, improperly ejected, or even lost, they are still the favorite of many data-strapped or cash-strapped users as they can follow you from phone to phone and can hold hours and hours of precious offline music, movies, and data. My cousin actually asked me after the announcement about flashing ROMs without an SD card because she's used to flashing them off there without hassling with ADB.

It's not as though microSD cards are not going away completely — they're still a mainstay on many phones including most mid and low-range phones — they're just going away from one of the most popular and best-selling phones in the market, the always recognizable Galaxy S line. And while many users fear that this spell trouble for the Note 5 later this year, let's remember that the Note line is aimed at power-users who may be less willing to part with the flexibility of expandable storage. The Note line is also aimed at business users, and they may prefer the refined look of the glass-backed S6 and be expecting it on the next Note in order to keep Samsung's high-end phones consistent.

Almost four thousand respondents said microSD slots don't matter anymore to them, and the lack of them on many current flagships, including the Nexus 6 and the Motorola Moto X speaks to how increased internal storage and the continued adoption of cloud storage has helped many users wean themselves off microSD usage. It is a big adjustment, to be fair, and for those who are still weary of putting all of their stuff in someone else's cloud, it is an adjustment they'll likely never be able to make.

Many of those who said the microSD slot wasn't that important to them — and even among those that is was — were lamenting the other big change in the Galaxy S6 — the loss of the removable battery. And talking to the Samsung owners around my TV station and many more online, they were more concerned about the battery than the SD card because each of them had replaced the battery at least once in the life of their current Galaxy. Many are also quite fond of the ability to just pull and swap batteries in the middle of the day on a particularly busy day to avoid spending hours near a charger. And while it won't be impossible to replace the battery in a glass-backed Galaxy S6, it will be something you'll likely want to take to repair shop. Wireless charging out of the box is a welcome inclusion, but we've still yet to see a real push for wireless charging outside coffee shops, airports, and now European furniture.

So which is more important to you? The lack of a microSD card slot, or the lack of a removable battery? Comment below, and as always, if there are any burning questions you have for the Android Central community, feel free to ask. They might just end up in Tuesday's poll.