Wear OS companion app opens up beta program, could be a sign of things to come

Fossil Gen 6 Wear Os App With Watch
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What you need to know

  • Google has opened up the Wear OS companion app for beta testing.
  • The app has yet to receive any new updates since the beta launch.
  • The company is expected to launch Wear OS 3 on more smartwatches later this year.

Wear OS users interested in trying out the latest software from Google now have a window of opportunity. The company has opened up beta testing for the companion app, and users can sign up now.

The new beta sign-up was spotted on the Play Store by 9to5Google, where users can sign up with just a click. There's also a direct link to enroll in the beta program, which includes the following message:

"Google LLC has invited you to a testing programme for an unreleased version of the Wear OS by Google Smartwatch app. As a tester, you'll receive an update that includes a testing version of the Wear OS by Google Smartwatch app, which may also include unreleased versions of its instant app."

We've managed to enroll in the beta, although unfortunately, the enrollment process is taking longer than usual. 9to5 suggests that there could be a bug related to the unusual wait times for Google's recent betas. Various other Google apps, such as YouTube Music and the Clock app, recently opened up their own beta programs but apparently suffer the same extended wait times, with users enrolling via the Play Store left on "Joining beta..."

Still, the Wear OS beta program comes at an interesting time, as it also follows the recent announcement of the Pixel Watch and could be a sign of what's to come ahead of its full launch. Given the expected overhaul that Wear OS 3 will bring to the best Wear OS watches, it makes sense that Google could plan a similar revamp to the companion app.

For now, we'll have to wait until Google pushes any new beta updates to glimpse any possible changes to the app, assuming users are actually enrolled.

You can visit the Play Store entry or the direct link to become a tester.

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