Oura brings a personalized coach to help you reach your health goals

Oura Ring Gen 3 app
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What you need to know

  • Oura is bringing a new "Advisor" feature for "Labs" testers, which aims to deliver personalized recommendations and encouragement to users.
  • The Advisor lets users chat with their digital coach for "tailored" lifestyle changes and to understand their progress reports.
  • The second update for Oura members adds more features with a heart health focus, updates to Cycle Insights, and more.

Take the next steps in your health and wellness journey with Oura and its smart rings through a new in-app experience.

According to a press release, Oura states users enrolled in its "Labs" experience can playtest the new "Oura Advisor." The company states that its new AI-based advisement empowers users with "personalized insights, recommendations, and encouragement." Oura Advisor will help users eager to achieve better sleep, resilience help, and ways to optimize activity.

Coach customization enters, meaning users who need to focus on the intensity of a workout or specific muscle groups can do so. Additionally, the Oura Advisor can offer "tailored" lifestyle changes for users interested in achieving their health goals. Oura is also letting users chat directly with their digital coaches if they have questions, progress reports, and other recommendations.

These recommendations will be based on your daily habits and other data captured by the Oura app.

The latest Oura update brings access to a 24-hour active AI health coach companion for any spur-of-the-moment questions.

Lab testers will get their hands on the new Advisor soon. Elsewhere, Oura is detailing its second "Made for Members" update. First, Integrations enter as a "one-stop-shop" for members to browse a curated set of health plans from Oura partners and more. The company states users can browse the following topics: women's health, stress and resilience, and nutrition.

Those with a smart ring, like the Oura Ring Gen 3, can peer deeper into their heart health through the new cardiovascular age and cardio capacity features. Oura states both options will provide a benchmark for users, cluing them to what certain cardiovascular health and fitness analytics mean for the long term.

Oura has included an update for its Cycle Insights feature, giving users more information about "typical" cycle length and period length.

The final update pertains to iOS folks, with Oura adding that "Discoveries" are on the way. This will appear as a large, new card on the app's home page. The post states this card will link your health patterns and habits to help users understand how certain things impact their daily health.

Users participating in the Oura Labs experiment and members should begin noticing these updates appear in-app soon.

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