Google Assistant gets a Wear OS Tile with command shortcuts

Google Assistant's "Go ahead, I'm listening" screen on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6
(Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has rolled out a new Assistant Tile on Wear OS smartwatches.
  • The feature allows you to set up custom commands on your watch's shortcut panel.
  • The Tile is being introduced on smartwatches supported by Wear OS 3 and 4.

The latest update in an array of features that Google has added to its Wear OS smartwatches is now being released. The tech giant is rolling out a new Google Assistant Tile — first reported to be in development in August — to the wearable OS.

Android expert Mishaal Rahman spotted the feature roll-out after being tipped off about the introduction by X user Lance Adams. As Rahman points out, the Tile is coming to Galaxy Watch and Pixel Watch users, letting them add custom commands right to their watch’s shortcut panel.

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Google Assistant is already available on some Wear OS smartwatches, but right now, it requires users to bark out commands in real time. The Tile offers a more simplified process, especially for repeated or complex tasks. It allows users to create ready-made commands that they can access via a simple screen tap on the Tile without needing to voice or type their command for every action.  

Based on Adams’ screenshots that Rahman shared, it looks like once users open the Tile, they are met with generic actions such as “Send a message,'' “Turn off the lights,” or “Set a five minute timer” that users can select. However, you can also create your own customized action by clicking the microphone or keyboard icons to voice or type your command. These commands are then saved as shortcuts on the Tile and can be activated as needed.

The Tile serves as a valuable way of accessing Google’s digital voice assistant, especially as it was recently announced that the company will no longer support Assistant on Wear OS 2. But now, it looks like the company has started to roll it out across Wear OS 3 and Wear OS 4, which means users of the Galaxy Watch 4 and other older supported wearables should see the Tile on their smartwatches soon.