Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4 leak shows off new physical button

Fitbit Sense
(Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Images have appeared of the Fitbit Sense 2 and Versa 4, upcoming health and fitness-focused smartwatches from Google.
  • The images reveal a new physical button and updated design for the sensors on the Sense 2.
  • The Versa 4 looks nearly identical to its predecessor.

The Fitbit Sense and Versa series are among our favorite wearables, turning Fitbit's fantastic fitness trackers into more fully-fledged smartwatches. However, these watches launched in 2020, meaning we're due for an update. Fortunately, we may have just gotten extensive looks at the upcoming Sense 2 and Versa 4.

The images were posted publicly on a regulatory agency, according to 9to5Google, who posted several of the images. The photos show two similar-looking square-shaped smartwatches, although there appear to be some notable changes coming to the Sense 2.

From the images, Fitbit appears to have changed the design of the metal frame around the display used to take ECG readings, which now appears to be integrated into the display bezels.

Additionally, the rear sensors appear to be arranged differently, although the purpose of this particular change is unclear.

That said, users of the original Sense may be happy to know that Fitbit appears to be ditching the faux button for a real one. Many users have complained that the capacitive "button" on the original Sense wasn't very responsive, so this should be a welcome upgrade.

As for the Versa 4, there aren't very many changes here. The watch also appears to have a new physical button, but not much else. This was shown off in a previous leak, which further confirms the new design.

Like its predecessor, it also doesn't seem to support ECG, which might be a bummer for some, but will likely help keep the price down for users that may not care as much for the metric.

That said, the Versa 3 is one of the best Fitbit devices, so its successor probably doesn't need to reinvent the wheel to sell well.

With regulatory images already published, it seems likely that these watches will be launched soon. The Sense and Versa 3 arrived in September 2020, so that seems like a good time to introduce the next models, especially with the holidays following months later.

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