The rumored Fitbit kids smartwatch breaks cover in leaked images

Fitbit Sense 2 vs Fitbit Sense menu interface comparison
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What you need to know

  • Fitbit reportedly has a connected kids smartwatch in the works.
  • New images of the smartwatch showcase the watch's design and front-facing camera.
  • The watch reportedly won't feature a heart rate sensor.
  • Early rumors indicate the smartwatch may not debut until 2024.

In late 2022, rumors emerged of a connected Fitbit smartwatch in development that was aimed at older kids. Compared to the company's current lineup of trackers for kids, this new device, dubbed "Project Eleven," would further help parents monitor their children. Although the device is not expected to arrive until next year, live images of the smartwatch have already broken cover.

These images, which were sent to 9to5Google, reveal a watch that looks like a thicker, more colorful version of a Fitbit Versa 4. The device is a bright blue color with red and yellow buttons on one side, flanking what appears to be a mic. On the back is the charging port and latches for the watch band, but no heart rate sensor.

The smartwatch appears to have fairly large bezels, which might help make room for the front-facing camera above the square display. While not common on Android smartwatches, cameras are fairly common on many kids' smartwatches, allowing parents to make video calls to check up on their children.

Meta was also rumored to have a camera-equipped smartwatch in the works. At one point, it appeared to be canceled, something we also heard about Fitbit's plans for a camera smartwatch. However, from these images, it seems both companies may be committed to bringing this feature to their upcoming wearables, as Meta's smartwatch plans are reportedly back in motion.

Early rumors also indicate that this new Fitbit smartwatch will feature LTE connectivity, which would make sense if the camera is to be used for video calls. It would also include GPS, which would be ideal for parents wanting to keep tabs on their kids.

The images show the device turning on, suggesting it may be ready for prime time, despite early reports indicating that the watch "had a long way to go." However, the watch reportedly won't launch until 2024, meaning we may have to wait quite some time, although "plans could change."

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