ChatGPT on smart glasses? One company finally did it

Wearing a white pair of Solos AirGo3 smart glasses
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What you need to know

  • Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses are getting a new live translate function later this month.
  • The translation service uses ChatGPT to translate speech to and from your language of choice via the glasses' built-in microphone and speakers.
  • Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses launched in September 2023 and retail for $199 and up.

As smart glasses get smarter, companies are figuring out new ways to transform these connected glasses into useful tools you'll actually want to use. Solos AirGo 3 will soon come with a new live translate feature powered by ChatGPT to help you speak and understand foreign languages far more naturally than is currently available.

Solos says its SolosTranslate software uses ChatGPT to translate any speech it hears, generating different responses based on the mode being used. The default listening mode is good for one-on-one conversations and is designed to capture and translate speech from anyone speaking directly toward the person wearing the glasses.

Translated speech is played through the Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses' speakers, which are located in the temples right above the user's ears. You can also initiate translated discussions between multiple users with the group mode. People in the conversation can use either Solos AirGo3 or any smartphone to get started, keeping the conversation going for all participants.

Text and Present modes allow the glasses wearer to convey translated messages into text via the Solos smartphone app, which can be useful for presentations or when more complex written communication is preferred.

Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses with the box behind

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

We've seen similar features announced by Google at Google I/O 2022 but those glasses never launched to the public. Likewise, similar features on Meta Ray-Ban Smart Glasses are still in the beta phase and not yet available to customers. Solos aims to make this new feature publicly available by the end of January 2024.

Solos AirGo3 have been available since September 2023 and feature a unique modular design with removable temples and interchangeable frames. All AirGo3 glasses come with a blue light filter by default, and the dual-direction speakers integrated into the temple can deliver up to 100 decibels in volume.

Solos also features automatic message-reading capabilities so you can listen to the messages being delivered to your phone, as well as a recently added fitness coach mode that delivers audible instructions directly from Solos glasses.

Solos AirGo3 smart glasses weigh only 30g and cost $199 and up depending on the style you choose. You can also swap the lenses out with prescription ones if you want to wear them full-time.

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