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Watch penguins with Street View -- now on seven continents

Way back on the original T-Mobile G1, Google brought us Street View in Maps. Here it is two years later, and the Android Google Maps app brings us so much more--turn-by-turn navigation, places search, and walking navigation. Every time we turn around, Google is throwing another amazing feature into Google Maps, which in turn makes its way to the Android app. This time it's no different as they add all seven continents to Street View. That's right, all seven--including Antarctica. Just pick a spot on the map, select Street View, and if it's available for that area you'll be looking around in no time. [Google Mobile Blog]

  • Why won't street view install on my phone? Always says unsuccessful installation...
  • Because you have it installed on your ROM. If you are using a rooted device you need to remove /system/app/Street.apk then you'll be able to install the new one.
  • Is there an address for this streetview?
  • On desktop:,-... You can use ChromeToPhone from there if you have it. I can't actually get it to work on my Desire. It recognises it as a Streetview location but FCs Streetview when I try to view it (other Streetview locations around the world seem to work fine)
  • First, its not really streetview. Some clown on a cruise ship brought a gps tripod mounted 360 degree camera ashore, and shot a few pictures in 6 or seven place, all within sight of the ship. Look down in steetview, you can see the tripod, and the photographer's shadow. It FC's on my Nexus One as well.
  • now... why and when would anyone ever use this. I know I have no use for this
  • No use for streetview? Haven't you ever had to go somewhere and wanted to know what the building looked like ahead of time? No curiousity at all about distant places?
  • Its great for re-living vacations.
  • Or Pre-living them so you aren't so lost when you arrive.
  • Thanx argh. I had to use titanium to Uninstall then rebooted and was able to then dl from market.
  • Google to Guy with camera: Have a million dollars, but we want every road in Antarctica street viewable... Guy with camera: FAK!!!!
  • ******* awesome.