Plex and Warner Bros. fight piracy with free, ad-supported streaming deal

What you need to know

  • Plex and Warner Bros have made an agreement to stream ad-supported movies and TV shows via the Plex app.
  • The deal only includes Plex users in the U.S.
  • It will launch later this year, but there is no hard date on when it will be available.

For years now, Plex has been the go-to app for media junkies. When it comes to organizing and streaming your own personal media library, there really is no better app out there. Whether it be on your computer, mobile device, or TV, Plex is there.

And as time goes on, Plex continues to evolve. Recently, it released its new UNO UI across all platforms, and now it's making big-time streaming deals. On August 29, Plex announced an agreement with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution to offer a library of titles for streaming.

Licensing these movies from Warner Bros. enables us to offer more types of third-party content than any other platform and bring it all together in one beautiful solution. Premium ad-supported movies and shows deserve first-class treatment alongside other content that consumers enjoy daily, as opposed to being orphaned in yet another stand-alone app.

The agreement will include a free selection of ad-supported movies and television shows for users in the U.S., but there currently aren't any plans to support international users. There is no word on when this will actually launch, besides the ambiguous "later this year", or exactly what sorts of titles we can expect to see from the agreement. However, the statement does make mention of "premium ad-supported movies and shows."

As more and more content gets split up into exclusive streaming services these days, it's nice to see Warner Bros. partnering with Plex. If Plex can convince more services to do so, maybe it could prevent us from doing so much app hopping on our TVs and other devices while trying to enjoy the content we want to see.

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Jason England