Voice over LTE reportedly launching in South Korea tomorrow on Samsung Galaxy S3

South Korean carrier SK Telecom will reportedly tomorrow become one of the first in the world to offer a voice over LTE service. While bigger U.S. networks like Verizon are testing the technology, SK Telecom will introduce the "HD voice" service tomorrow and begin selling Samsung Galaxy S3 phones with the feature built in. 

An update for existing S3 owners on the network is said to be arriving "within the month," and will apparently be featured on most forthcoming LTE phones the carrier will offer. While some may not necessarily see the benefits -- we don't seem to use the phone to call as much as we used to -- it's inevitable that such technology will eventually roll out across LTE markets around the world.

Source: Korea IT Times via The Verge 

  • The march to dumb pipes continues.... I've been using CSipSimple in combination with an ipKall number for all of my foreign customers for months. Voice quality is awesome. Every Android seems to support internet calling (voip) over wifi. But the carriers have demanded it be limited to wifi only.
  • So does this mean current smartphones that are LTE capable, are not capable of doing VOLTE?
  • Should this serve to indicate the possibility that US customers might be able to update their devices to be compatible with VoLTE when rolled out by Verizon (for example)?
  • who cares about metro? this will be innovative when the iphone on att gets it. by then, it will "just work".