VLC Media player set to arrive on Android early 2011

The multitude of VLC compatible apps already in the Android Market is pretty amazing. The fact those apps exist at the level in which they do already shows there is demand for VLC to be on Android. Yes it's true, some most are just remote apps but that shows people use VLC enough to even care. Now, the news comes that VLC will be releasing an Android App come early 2011.

According to sources, the developers have been hard at work on VLC for Android for months now but have been thus far defeated by its Java system limitations. The improvements made within Gingerbread and the Android NDK now allows development to chug on with no issues but, what does that mean for device not currently running gingerbread?  The only thing I can really say is, while the idea of VLC on Android seems great, the iOS launch was plagued with bugs and well, never really gave that "It's VLC it'll play a pop tart if I tell it to" feel. While it is working better now, I'd be just as happy waiting longer for the Android version so that it can be fully baked. [GigaOM]