Vizio's $99 Co-Star Google TV box goes up for pre-order

Announced almost one full month ago, the $99 Vizio Co-Star Google TV box is now up for pre-order over on the manufacturers website. With the added bonus of OnLive gaming thrown into the bargain, the Co-Star is potentially the steal of the summer at that price.

Supporting full HD video, and the full Google TV experience, with a watered down price isn't coming a watered down device. While it isn't as handsome as a Google Nexus Q, it's small and discreet enough to sit nicely in your living room setup. 

What we still don't know though, is just what is inside the Co-Star. The specs page is decidedly thin and very based on how it's going to fit in with your TV and Video viewing. In any case, to pre-order one for yourselves, hit the source link below. Estimated shipping dates are showing up as August 14. 

Source: Vizio

Richard Devine