Video: Gaming on the LG Optimus 2X - Dual-core processor does it right!

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Where do we expect the LG Optimus 2X and its dual-core Tegra 2 processor to shine the brightest? Gaming, of course. We've thrown just about everything we can think of at the Optimus 2X (be sure to check out our benchmark tests). But when it comes down to it, there's really only one game we need to test. And that's Dungeon Defenders.

I've been playing DD for a little while now on the Motorola Droid X (which has been my favorite phone for gaming). And it ran pretty well. But compared to the Optimus 2X? No contest. While graphics are OK on the Droid X, they're flawless on that dual-core processor. We could go on and on. But let's just let the video do the talking, shall we?

Phil Nickinson
  • VZW you dropped the ball on this phone.... i dont see the reason why you would give us the half baked version of this phone(revolution) whos screen is so big the phone looks like a brick and doesnt have the second core
  • compare the Epic and Optimus 2X running this game please. whats the smartbenchmark on this phone.
  • I'd like to see that, too. My Epic doesn't exactly break a sweat on DD, either. Hopefully, we'll see some even better looking games soon. I'd like to see what that Tegra 2 is really capable of. :)
  • There's one reason. Motorola. They must have a deal with verizon to be the first to have certain things or to bw the "flagship"
  • When is the REVIEW coming for this phone? Your pick, this or the Atrix 4g? We need to know!!!
  • Atrix > Optimus 2X only 'cause of the screen resolution to me.
  • This is why everyone should wait for Bionic and not get T-Bolt.
  • < praying a dual core comes to sprint
  • Likewise. I'm not up for an Upgrade with Sprint until August, but I'm watching Verizon very carefully. I want my next phone to be at least a dual core processor phone. After having my G Tablet for a month, which has a Tegra 2, I am blown away with how fast this thing is. And it's not optimized for dual core yet. Can't wait to see how fast these dual core processor devices are going to run once they are.
  • This runs just as smooth on my Nexus S!!! I am excited for the direction that phones are heading in tho!!!
  • Wow. News on tech is pretty sweet today. I have this to enjoy along with the LED video from the CEO of Cree. However, this surely is amazing . I just need an HDMI out on this and I think game consoles are dead.
  • I would say the console is dead if app developers make a call of duty game with similar graphics to their game console counterparts :)
  • Wow, looks like an iphone game :)
  • Good thing you review phones and not video games, because you seriously talk WAY TOO MUCH in your dang videos. SHUT UP and let me see the phone. I don't care what you think of the game, what it's comparable to, etc, etc. Just jam a sock in your piehole and show me the game.
  • This was a video to show off the gaming capabilities of the device. It was not a review of the phone, or a quick app review of the game.
  • For people like you, there is a mute feature. To be quite blunt, you have anger issues. I can't imagine Phil not saying something while he is playing.
  • So, they DONT know where this phone is going in terms of carrier? I know I asked in another post, but this one is more recent and has more activity. I just want my poor question answered :(