Verizon's doing something on Monday ... Incredible? Or just Pink? (or football?)

So Verizon has some "journey" that it's beginning on Monday. While we're all waiting on the HTC Incredible to be announced any day now, we're not quite sure it fits the "it's new, it's unique" line that Big Red's touting here. Instead, it's quite possible that it's referring to the fabled Microsoft "Project Pink" that's also rumored to be announced then, and that certainly would match up the "let's get social" line. (FWIW: Engadget's thinking the same thing.)

Hey, we definitely want to see the Incredible announced and released, like, yesterday. But we're not going to put all our eggs in that basket just yet. [via BerryScoop]

Update: @slundberg01 offers another theory: "The journey on Monday for Verizon is NFL mobile. It releases Monday. There will be new phones but that's not Monday. that's why if you look at that flyer it was a football thrown through the paper."

Phil Nickinson