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Verizon has held its stance that only postpaid customers should receive LTE data on its network, but starting this month that may be ready to change. According to a source of Droid-Life, Verizon is set to add LTE data access to its prepaid ALLSET plan on July 17th to better compete with the growing prepaid offerings from other carriers.

Assuming that this comes with no price premium (that's still to be determined), starting this month we could be looking at a base Verizon ALLSET prepaid plan that offers unlimited talk and text with 500MB of LTE data for $45. Verizon also offers month-to-month data buckets at the rate of 500MB for $5, 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20.

While nothing is for certain until Verizon finally pulls the trigger on this one, it's about time Verizon gave prepaid customers a taste of its LTE network like practically every other carrier does. T-Mobile has been offering the same data access to its prepaid customers for years, AT&T has added LTE to its GoPhone and Cricket brands while also increasing data buckets, and even lower-end prepaid carriers like Straight Talk offer LTE.

Now even if Verizon doesn't increase prices of its ALLSET plans it'll still be priced on the higher end of competing prepaid carriers, but that's about par for the course for Big Red. The big thing is Verizon ALLSET customers will be getting 2014-level data speeds — prices can adjust and come down over time after that.

Source: Droid-Life