Verizon HTC One M8 getting a power boost, updated Android OS come September

Verizon's HTC One M8 will be in for a treat come September as HTC executives have announced on Twitter that the handset will get some notable software updates. In particular, the flagship aluminum-clad phone will get a software boost to Android 4.4.3 as well as the Extreme Power Saving Mode to extend the standby time of the phone by turning off non-critical radios when not needed.

HTC Americas president Jason MacKenzie confirmed that the update will be happening "by mid-Sept." on his Twitter.

Additionally, Mo Versi from HTC also commented, saying, "...we're working on it and had to re-spin SW. It's target is early Sept. Thanks for your patience on this. It will include EPS."

Are you excited for this update to arrive on your Verizon One M8?

Source: Twitter 1, 2; via: Droid-life

Chuong H Nguyen