Verizon Droid Xtreme shows its backside

Looks like the Verizon Motorola Droid Xtreme -- aka the Droid Shadow -- is going to milk these leaked shots for all they're worth. And as such as now have a pretty clear look at its backside. You can see the 8-megapixel camera (and the words "HD VIDEO" with it) alongside dual flashes (which are all the rage these days). Looks like the speakerphone and a probably secondary mic down at the bottom, not far from a Google logo. Also looks like the battery door continues the styling of the original Droid.

Still no official acknowledgment of the phone, or when it might actually see release, so stay tuned. One more shot of the front -- with some sort of custom launcher -- is after the break. [via Droid-Life]

Verizon Motorola Droid Xtreme

Phil Nickinson
  • MotoBlur booooooooooooo...
  • I can hardly wait for my contract to end so I ditch my lame Storm and saddle up to this bad boy. Alas I will have to wait for the leaves to change color.
  • Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugly!!!!
  • That new launcher is Moto blur
  • That sure doesn't look like blur to me. My wife has a devour with blur, and this looks nothing like that. In any case, as stated further down, blur can be disabled pretty easily, and once the thing is rooted, you'll be able to choose a custom rom with or without blur. finally, I am struggling to figure out what is so horrible about blur that everyone hates it so much? I admit, it doesn't hold a lot of luster for me, but my wife, who uses social networking a lot more than I do, absolutely loves it.
  • this thing better not have motoblur...what a waste if it does. can we get a video now??? jeez! haha
  • I am glad someone else posted this but dang that is ugly! I hope that is not a final copy.
  • If this phone has motoblur I will be so so so so disappointed
  • do you guys not understand that blur can be disabled at within a few seconds you can get the device and disable blur off the bat. so what is wrong i see a nice device
  • Looks lame.
  • Wouldn't trade my incredible for it.. or for that matter an ifail, original Droid or evo... HTC Incredible on Verizon network is the best way to go! And with 2.2 before the years over... gets no better!
  • please tell me it won't be called the Droid Xtreme. if the name MUST be used, at least drop the "x" verizon, that wasn't cool back in 2000. Shadow is a much better name.
  • Is it really that bad to most of you? It looks pretty much identical to the original Droids back. I think its damn sexy, if I do say so myself.
  • Well its kind of like whats one persons trash is another gold. You may love the look others may hate it, opinions are great. But I agree looks they took the good from the droid and improved it from what I liked about it.
  • Is this a slide like the original Droid ?? Looks good so far , I like it !!
  • MotoBlur sucks. {{-_-}}
  • So the first guy who was leaking the photos of this phone got canned. Now we got a 2nd guy leaking photos? Are these set up to appear to be leaked?
  • Glad I got Sprint and the HTC EVO 4G + Sense UI! The Xtreme thing looks funky....
  • The back looks nice but the front looks pieced together and bulky like the original... kind of like a Chevy or Ford, you can peel it apart with your finger tips. I like the blended construction of foreign cars and well made phones. (i.e. Nexus or HTC EVO) Never liked Motorola products, Razr was slow as molasses on a cold day, can't imagine they'd do Android justice. Waiting for the Scorpion or whatever is next from HTC before I upgrade (contract over this November and I'm literally gonna throw the BB Storm as far as I can possibly throw it, from as high up as I can get)