Get while the getting is cheap-er.

The HTC One A9's pricing has been a bit odd. At launch, the A9 was being offered for $399 in the Unites States, but for £450 by Unlocked Mobiles and £469 by Carphone Warehouse in the UK. To be fair, carriers raising the price of a phone is nothing new, as AT&T and Sprint began selling the HTC One A9 in stores for $520 today and $696 respectively. However, the price discrepancy between sides of the Atlantic was a bit steep, which is why Alex Dobie asked that you kindly refrain from paying so much for this phone.

We soon heard that the price would come closer into alignment ... but not the way that we were hoping. HTC announced that the $399 launch price in the U.S. had been a promotion and that it would be raised to $499 on November 7th. That's tomorrow. So if you want to buy a One A9, you'll want to do it today unless you're comfortable waiting for the next big price drop.

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