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  • US Mobile is offering early access to a new 5G plan for early adopters.
  • Family plans are also more compelling, with steeper discounts the more lines you add.

US Mobile has announced a bevy of new wireless plans today, including early access to a new 5G plan which offers three months of unlimited use for $100. Separately, you can pick up 2.5 GB for $15 or 10 GB for $30/month at "Ludicrous" speeds up to 150 Mbps.

US Mobile's unlimited family plans now offer cascading discounts the more people you sign up. The first line is $40/month, the second $30/month, the third and fourth lines after that are $20/month. So, for four lines, you'd be looking at $110/month. If you want any more beyond that, they go back up to $35/month each. Each line gets 10 GB of LTE roaming, if you're somehow doing any travelling these days. These lines are otherwise capped to 5 Mbps speeds. To sweeten the deal, US Mobile is offering perks for every third and fourth line you sign up. These include subscriptions to Spotify Family, Disney Plus, Netflix, Apple TV, and others.

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Our review of US Mobile service was largely favorable, with big points for reliability, speed, and customization. In fact, these family plan updates directly address one of our few complaints. If you're in the market for a switch, you can find out more about US Mobile's new plans here, including their family plan updates and early access to their 5G plans.

Fast and reliable

US Mobile

A surprisingly great prepaid service

US Mobile is a flexible and powerful wireless provider that offers highly customizable plans, fast data speeds, and affordable pricing. The phone lineup is disappointing, but that's OK since you can bring your own device, too.