US Mobile's new $40 Unlimited plan comes with Disney Plus and other perks

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What you need to know

  • US Mobile is launching a new $40/month unlimited plan with faster data speeds.
  • You can get free perks, like Disney Plus, Spotify Premium Family, and Xbox Live Gold.
  • There are also more options for custom plans.

US Mobile is one of the many affordable wireless phone service options out there, and on December 9, the company announced completely revamped plans and perks for its customers that aim to offer more value than ever before.

US Mobile new Unlimited plan

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The big change is with US Mobile's Unlimited plan. Previously, you'd spend $40/month for unlimited talk, text, and Standard data speeds. If you wanted to upgrade to Fast or Ludicrous data, that'd be another $5 or $15 every month, in addition to an extra $10/month for hotspot access.

With the new Unlimited plan, you spend $40/month for unlimited talk, text, and Fast data (up to 5Mbps). You can add hotspot access for $5 more per month, or upgrade to Ludicrous speeds (up to 150Mbps) plus hotspot access for an extra $10/month. You'll get 5GB of international roaming data by default, and if you upgrade to Ludicrous speeds, that goes up to 10GB.

Joining the new Unlimited plan is US Mobile's "perks program." This gives you your choice of a free entertainment service if you have two, three, or four lines of service.

US Mobile perks

Source: US Mobile (Image credit: Source: US Mobile)

Once you add two lines of service, you get your choice of Slacker Plus LiveXLive, Pandora Plus, or Apple TV Plus. With three lines of service, you can choose the Disney+ bundle with Hulu and ESPN Plus, Netflix Standard, an Audible membership, Spotify Premium Family, or Apple Music Family.

Finally, if you have four or more lines, you can get either PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold.

You get to keep each of your perks at the three tiers, so if you have four+ lines of service, you get one perk from each of the three tiers — resulting in three free entertainment subscriptions of your choice. For example, if you have four lines and get Apple TV Plus, Spotify Premium Family, and PlayStation Plus, you'd be looking at $30/month worth of free subscriptions.

US Mobile is also adding more options for its Custom plan, an Autopilot AI that'll learn your usage habits to recommend better/more affordable plans, and is getting ready to launch an official app for Android and iOS.

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