Rounding out the OS update apocalypse

Two days, seven device updates pushed or announced. If that doesn't overload your systems and make you giddier than a schoolgirl, what will?!? From GPS fine-tuning to pulling the training wheels off a figurative muscle car of a phone and letting it's FPS rate run free, we can agree without a doubt that its been a day chock-full of updates. Join us after the jump to check the round up!

Samsung Moment

Nexus One

Samsung Fascinate

Samsung Captivate

HTC Evo 4G

HTC Hero

  • Maintenance update relaesed

Motorola Droid X

LG Ally

  • Maintenance update released
  • *giggles* The whole Android thingie is killing the I*hone community. Nuff said.
  • While I don't like the lack of Dinc love, I do love the lack of Dinc bugs.
  • Android 2.2.1 for Nexus One...HUZZAH for Stock Android Phones!
  • What about updating the Samsung Vibrant?!?!?! WTF, I bought the phone on July 14th and now it's been over two months, no froyo and no gps fix so far. I love the phone but I hate how slow Samsung is. If this is how they are going to be then in about 18 months I'm going to aim towards getting another HTC phone (previously had the G1).