Updated Music app leaked -- shows off awesome UI overhaul

One aspect of Android that has remained nearly untouched since 1.0 is its music player.  Some would say Android's UI as a whole could use some polishing, but when it comes to the stock music player, I couldn't agree more.

You may recall Google's introduction of new features added to the Music app during this year's Google IO.  Although none of those features are present in this leaked 3.0 version, one enhancement is quite obvious -- a very welcomed UI change.  It's clean, colorful, and just looks great on the screen.

The leaked APK is a bit buggy, but it does work (kinda).  The playback is a bit choppy at times, and force closes weren't absent.  But it offers a pleasing look at the new UI enhancements.  If this is where Android's UI is going in future versions -- I dig it.

If you want to get your hands on the leaked Music 3.0 app, head over to the source link and give it a spin.  Not up for it? Check out the video after the break [XDA Developers via Engadget]

  • The Video poster has Blind Guardian on his phone. That makes him Cool in my book. The new .apk is just a bonus. (Though a really freaking sweet bonus)
  • Looks no bad, but I don't know if'll stop me from using WinAmp for the Android!
  • I just hope we see consistent UI elements throughout the OS... It should be very obvious when you are in an Android system app vs. a third-party app. It's nice that this looks very similar to Gallery3D to link the two apps visually.
  • Looks awesome! And Yes android UI can use a major overhaul, I'm not a fan of the new GB battery because I like my batteries to show the % in the roms I use. I'll hold off judgement until I see it tho. I don't think it matter much tho because all these manufacturers are putting their own UIs on top of android.. Sense is the mos tolerable but when something as atrocious and the touchwiz UI (aka iphone wannabe) is allowed to stay.. then we might be in trouble!
  • Maybe I'm just behind everyone else and this was already an established fact... But I'm just excited that this seems to confirm that Android 3.0 will be for phones as well as tablets.
  • What live wallpaper is that?
  • Looks nice, but I'd like to see other parts of the Os too. I still like my sense.
  • FINALLY! lmao
  • I like HTC's music app. HTC adds so many great things to their phones. I am not one of those that screams for stock Android.
  • Is this a standalone update, or do we have to wait till Gingerbread to get it? When it comes out, will my Droid automatically download it?
  • So will this music player only be for Honeycomb? Or will google update the existing stock music player across all versions? The live wallpaper is "blue sky" very cool.
  • I can't believe how ugly the new music app is. The music style up to and including Gingerbread looks great. I'm using the leaked honeycomb version though since it FINALLY lets you sort your music by genre.
  • Can't wait for the official release, looks very nice... I just hope they get an option for album art downloading or maybe a better widget, and or lock screen widget,
  • If this is polished well enough and has rich enough features, I may just be dropping Poweramp...which I didn't think would happen.
  • Can I sort an album by track number rather than alphabetically? Sort of ridiculous that I can't already to that.
  • Every dame site I went to that had post on this has a different picture for the music app UI, making it look like a controlled leak, so I briefly wonder why ? really why?
    I do not care that much but stell interesting, and HTC's UI is or Sony's (music) UI are much better than this.
  • UI is ok. Im more interested in if Google will push a music service similar to itunes or Zune. I currently have a ZuneHD and dont see my phone replacing it anytime soon without a music service to go with it.
  • Its better looking yes but unless it comes with EQ and Google gets some type of music management software like iTunes then this is useless.
  • I didn't see it, so sorry if I missed it, but where is the EQ? Music apps are useless without them. After PowerAMP if the next music app to come out doesn't beat it (not equal it, but beat it) then why bother?
  • Veil of maya ftw!
  • Came here to say this! I did a complete double take
  • Who cares at this point. Power Amp is king!!!
  • +1 Power Amp is king!!
    This looks slow and just the same app with extra 3D effects.
  • I don't care what it looks like. I just want it to read my album tags so that every album is not listed as unknown. It is unbelievable that mighty Google is unable to deal with this issue.
  • What live wall paper was that by the way?
  • What everyone else said. What Live wall paper is that?
  • Wow. I guess us Galaxy users are just spoiled? I'm lovin their music app on my captivate.
  • The live wallpaper is Blue Skies Live Wallpaper (confirmed on AppBrain). As for the new Music app, hopefully it's less laggy than the similar Gallery app. While pretty, I found that app pretty much unusable due to how unresponsive it was.
  • Very buggy but looks incredible. Going to be a great app.
  • Loving that you chose Veil of Maya in that screenshot. I have seen them live twice and had the opportunity to shoot photos at a show.
  • Has nobody noticed the new option in the google account settings for syncing music? Since turning that option on, my Nexus One has had the sync icon in the notification bar for almost 2 days now!
  • I see where Apple got there inspiration for iOS7!