Untappd now available as a native Android app -- beer drinkers unite!

There's two things we love around these parts -- Android, and good beer.  Untappd just minced the two together with a native Android app for their popular social drinking platform.  With the native app, you'll be able to share photos with your check-ins, use the notification center to keep track of what and where your friends are drinking, and it's all done in an easy to navigate way.

While we don't condone doing anything silly while drinking a few beers, we do like to have fun while doing it.  If you feel the same way, you can grab Untappd for free from the Android Market (link after the break, works with ALL versions of Android) and look for us there. 

Source: Untappd

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Awesome! Great app & great site, no need to use the browser to check in.
  • Punkin ale. My seasonal favorite right on top.
  • Nice. Just downloaded.
  • I've been using Untappd for a while now through the mobile web version and love it, even have a shortcut straight to it from the homescreen! So I can't wait to try out the official app!
  • I had a similar shortcut... I've replaced it with a shortcut to the app though!
  • I've been using BeerSpec to log my beers in Untappd since there was never a native app. I like Untappd but their website is had to use on your mobile browser. I was always accidentally hitting "Back" and loosing all my info. Looks like there is no use now for BeerSpec. It was ugly anyways. ;o)
  • Man I need a F'n beer right now after this B.S at work
  • now this is a social site i can fully endorse. probably wouldn't have heard of it if you didn't post this - thanks!
  • After using the new Untappd app a few times, I'm gonna stick with the BeerSpec app. The new Untappd app is just plain slow. It was slow using the web browser and it seems slower now with the app. When I am checking into a beer, I want to do it quickly and get back to my beer, and company. The Untappd app makes this process agonizing. I'm looking forward to seeing the new Pintly changes that are due next week as well. I think their app is atrocious right now but they are promising big thing so we'll see.