Un-carrier 8.0: A morning fire-side chat with John Legere on December 16

T-Mobile CEO John Legere
T-Mobile CEO John Legere (Image credit: Android Central)

T-Mobile is preparing to shake things up again in the US wireless industry, and this time they're doing it by inviting you to watch a stream of… a fireside chat with CEO John Legere and Yahoo Tech's David Pogue. What exactly they're doing tomorrow, we're not sure, but T-Mobile's teasing that it's "so big [they] had to keep it under wraps."

Everything's scheduled to go down tomorrow, December 16th, at 10:30am Eastern time (7:30 Pacific). Because if there's any time to have a fireside chat, it's before lunch.

The whole affair, whatever it is, will be streamed live on T-Mobile's website (check the source link below), should you care to tune in. Or you can just come back here tomorrow and find out for yourself what T-Mobile has in store. Previous "Un-Carrier" announcements have brought features like free music streaming, in-flight texting, and the first ETF pay-off plans.

Source: T-Mobile

Derek Kessler

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