Twitter's Project Lightning will keep you up to date on important news

Twitter's Project Lightning is built to deliver information about interesting events, both scheduled events like awards shows, as well as breaking news and current events. The experience will be curated by Twitter, and prominently feature photos and videos from these events. Project Lightning will be available on Twitter's website, as well as in its mobile apps. There will even be a dedicated button for the feature in Twitter's app, according to Buzzfeed:

On Twitter's mobile app, there will be a new button in the center of the home row. Press it and you'll be taken to a screen that will show various events taking place that people are tweeting about.

Once you launch an event, you'll end up in a section focused solely on that piece of news, built by a dedicated team of editors. Instead of a timeline, images and video are shown full screen, and video plays automatically. If you want, you can follow a particular unfolding story, and have curated tweets enter your timeline.

Twitter is thinking beyond their own apps for these collections. The company will allow stories to be embedded across the web, as well as in other apps:

"It's not just logged-in Twitter, it's logged-out, and it's syndicated on other websites and mobile apps. This reaches all of them. The collections are a core part of our logged-in experience — that's the point of being in the center tab. But you can easily imagine them as logged-out experiences telling about something happening now out in the world. And you can imagine them — and this is new — as collections and syndicating them across any website or mobile app."

No release date has been set for Project Lightning, though Twitter apparently hopes to roll it out in a matter of months.

Source: Buzzfeed

  • Google News does such a good job, I actually have no interest in finding an alternative. I can customize the categories, concentrate on local news, and tell Google which subjects I'm interested in. It checks all the wish-list boxes for my news app.
  • It's surely very cool - all these updates with you not even bothering to tick the box - artificial intellect will make everything for you. But what about security aspect? I mean security of the personal data. You never know when machines rise against you, or just some minor glitch in the system will make all your personal information available for the whole world in the matter of seconds... There are growing concerns about this side of technological advancements, and one of the recent researches from shows that people are becoming more and more cautious about this type of innovations, as long as their 'private area' is concerned... It's getting too easy, but it may bring consequences too difficult to fix...