Twitter launches its verification process again for everyone globally

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What you need to know

  • Twitter's verification process is live for everyone again across the world.
  • The application process is available only to notable individuals or groups in certain categories.
  • Twitter temporarily halted the application last month as it worked on improving the process.

Twitter has announced that applications for its verification program are now open to everyone globally. The application process was temporarily paused in August to allow for several improvements.

In a tweet, the social networking site said the application can now be accessed again via its Account Settings tab. Using your mobile device, including many of the best Android phones, you can head over to the left sidebar menu of the Twitter app and then choose "Settings and privacy." Within the Account section, you will see the verification request option.

Twitter promised late last year to relaunch the verification program for the public sometime in 2021. In December 2020, the company shared its final verification policy in preparation for that plan. Twitter started reinstating the program in May before its momentary suspension last month.

However, the coveted blue badge is not entirely made for everyone. Twitter noted that you must meet certain requirements before you can be verified as someone you claim to be. Here's what Twitter says in its announcement:

Verification is for notable people/groups within our eligible categories. If that sounds like you, you can apply to be verified from your account settings!

To qualify for the blue checkmark, you must be able to prove that you fit the criteria of any of the six categories such as government official, journalist, brand or business, and other notable names.

Twitter Verification Process

Source: Twitter (Image credit: Source: Twitter)

If your request to be verified is denied, Twitter lets you re-submit your application at least 30 days after receiving your rejection email. Otherwise, you should automatically see the verification badge on your profile.

The verification program was suspended back in 2017 when there was widespread confusion over what the program truly meant. It was deemed by many to be "an endorsement or an indicator of importance," Twitter said at the time.

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